Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lego Kids Fest Milwaukee

The kids and I had the exciting opportunity to attend Lego Kids Fest (HERE) in Milwaukee this past weekend. What a treat … for all of us! We not only received tickets to attend the Friday evening session. But, the kids were also invited into the VIK (Very Important Kid) event, before the show opened.  Lego Kids Fest events took place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Frontier Airlines Center in Milwaukee.

We, and about 20 other families, showed up an hour before the event to get a sneak peak at all of the figures and meet with two of the Lego Designers. Did you know that there are only seven of these designers in the US? The kids sat down in a pow wow with Chris, part of a father/son designer team to learn about good “lego structure and building” and then we were able to build some space ships together. We also were able to make our own creation for the US model. Little Dude opted to make a “red farm” for the Midwest, which was strategically placed in the central part of the United States Map.

Then, the doors opened  at 4:00 and the show floor was flooded with families and Lego enthusiasts. We went from station to station and had some nice, quality time together playing with Legos of all sorts and building all sorts of contraptions. The best part was when the kids dove into the Lego pile. Kids were giddy and parents were snapping photos everywhere. There were so many different shapes and contraptions that I had never seen before. Little Dude enjoyed making a boat.

We had so much fun at the Lego Art Gallery, where you were each allowed one tile to customize as you wish.  Little Diva made a beautiful self-portrait, Little Dude made a very colorful and time-consuming design (I helped him place in the single Legos one-by-one!) and I made a 26.2 design that was admired by many people (I suddently met every runner in the building area!).

We enjoyed racing cars that were really fast ... and others that WEREN'T really fast!!

I loved the stations that had single colors of Legos and about stole the bucket of pink goodness.

We had fun playing with various buildings and sculptures that were already made.  Little Diva enjoyed playing with the girly line, called "Friends".  Little Dude enjoyed playing with the larger Duplo blocks and the toy train they had in the area.  There was tons of fun for everyone!

We went and saw all of the sculptures that were made by the Lego Designers, many by the designers that we met earlier. They liked seeing the Harry Potter characters, near life-size Lightening McQueen, Batman and many others.

There were also Lego board games and a nice reading area with Lego-themed books.  It was fun seeing families interacting in various way with Legos.

And, of course they had several small Lego stores, where you could buy Legos, Lego apparel and books.  I told the kids that if they were well-behaved that they could each pick something out before we left.  Of course they were gems and $50 later we left the festival.

I also enjoyed having the opportunity to meet up with the beautiful and grateful Julie from 47 and Fearless (HERE). She and her boys had won tickets to LegoFest via RDM. It was nice that we finally had the chance to meet up and to see the excitement on her boys’ faces.

Check out the Lego Kids Fest website
to see if they are stopping near you!

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