Friday, February 25, 2011

Yoga by the Dozen DVD Review & Giveaway

Who doesn't enjoy getting their kids active and involved in their healthy lifestyle? Incorporate them into your fitness routine and you're instantly multi-tasking .... teaching them to be healthy and active ... and you are getting your workout in along side your little ones.

Get your munchkins excited about yoga with Yoga by the Dozen (HERE). Instead of popping in the latest Pixar film this Friday night, we opted to put on our Bondi Bands and do some yoga together. The kids and I really enjoyed it. My kids enjoyed all of the kid-friendly names that JoAnna had for the positions and how it was seriously made FUN! And, they liked being able to act silly at times, too. The loved seeing all the other children sitting around in a circle doing the same moves and having fun doing it. The DVD didn't hold their attention the entire time (what typically does?!), but they kept coming back for some more fun!

About Yoga by the Dozen:

Discover an exercise that fosters respect, coordination, and self-confidence for kids! It's Yoga, of course! Children are natural yogis because of their "in the moment attitude". Yoga nourishes their mind, body and spirit and paves the way for a life-long tradition of health and fitness.

"Yoga By The Dozen" DVD is a fun, interactive children's yoga video, designed especially for kids ages 2-6. JoAnna and her 12 friends demonstrate a 'dozen' fundamental poses that will introduce your children into the exciting world of Yoga.

Key Benefits:
* Increased cognitive and motor skills
* Confidence, courage and self-esteem
* Balance and coordination
* Memory retention and concentration
* Nurture creativity and self-expression
* Respect for themselves and each other

Little Diva and Little Dude;
getting their "Ohmmmm" on!


One lucky winner will win a copy of
Yoga by the Dozen
on DVD


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  1. OMG - My girls would love this! They got a Kids Yoga book for Xmas and practice all the time!
    I follow you...

  2. I visited their website... and well, I l think the bright YELLOW is fabulous! LOL!

  3. I'll post this on my giveaways tab on my blog.

  4. I sent a friend request to them on FB

  5. Love kids yoga products...my kids enjoy it so much. Their kids mat with the hand and feet prints is so cute!

  6. Fun - a great way to get everyone involved.

  7. I follow! My son would LOVE this!!!

  8. I posted a link on my blog!

  9. I'd love to practice with my kiddos! (I'm a new follower).

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com