Tuesday, June 29, 2010

30 Running Items on my 30th Birthday Wish List

WOWSWERS … there are over 400 of you following my journey now! I hope to take a moment out of my day (sometime very soon) to check out all of your blogs and see what you’ve been up to. I have loved the beautiful weather lately and all of the time we’re spending outside. Maybe some gloomy, raining day, I will get up-to-date on the happening’s in bloggy-world … and my house will be clean again … in, say ... October!!! Until them, I’m enjoying all of the relaxing time outside … and the not-so-relaxing moments of chasing the kids around the neighborhood and at the pool ... and the VERY enjoyable time I've had this week, chasing my daughter on her bike while I fit in a run!

Thank you for your interest in my daily ramblings and for following my journey!!

I will be the big 3-0 in less than two weeks. Yikes …. Does that officially make me an adult now?!?!

Here are 30 fabulous running-related
items on my 30th birthday wish list ................

1) Bondi Bands – You KNEW it would make the top of the list!! (I Run Like a Girl, Marathon Mamma, Running Diva, Cheetah Cub, Cool Cat, Lady Leo, Jungle Party, Polly, Pretty Peacock, Zeblue … and just a few more!) (HERE)

2) Wife Mother, Runner, Necklace from The Silver Maple (HERE)

3) A new pair of Brooks Adrenaline (Size 10 -- Team Big Foot) (HERE)

4) Nike Tempo Running Shorts (especially yellow!) (HERE)

5) Zebra Print RUN Travel Mug from Lift Your Sole (HERE)

6) Running Goddess Tote Bag from Runolution Warehouse (HERE)

7) Running Skirts Compression Socks (HERE)

8) Time and City Charm Bracelet from Jessica’s Gifts (HERE)

9) Spirit of a Marathon on DVD (Saw this movie in the theater and signed up for my first marathon the next week!) (HERE)

10) I Run, Therefore I’m Nuts! by Bob Schwartz (HERE)

11) 26.2: Marathon Stories (HERE)

12) Bondi Band Gift Certificate (HERE)

13) iFitness Mini Sport Belt in Pink (HERE)

14) Girly Running Skirt from irunlikeagirl (HERE)

15) I Enjoy Running Top from Fire Daughter Clothing (HERE)

16) Wrist Road IDs in Purple and Yellow (HERE)

17) iTunes Gift Card (HERE)

18) Tranquilty Hoodie from Lucy (HERE)

19) I Dare You To Run Like a Girl Pink Poster from Caty’s Etsy Shop (HERE)

20) Running Girl Coffee Mug from Family Fan (HERE)

21) Marathon Challenge on DVD (HERE)

22) Short Sleeve Peformance Hoody (in pink) from irunlikeagirl (HERE)

23) Running Skirts Capri Skirt (Run Love Fleurs) (HERE)

24) Runner Girl Travel Mug (HERE)

25) Marathon Woman by Kathrine Switzer (HERE)
26) Running Skirt (Pink Dots) (HERE)

27) Starbucks Gift Cards (a girl needs caffeine to fuel her long runs, right?!) (HERE)

28) Body Glide for Her (HERE)

29) One Tough Mama Charm from Lift Your Sole (HERE)

30) Sole Sisters by Jennifer Lin (HERE)
Do you know of something that
should be on my birthday list??
Send me a link.
I Looooove finding new running goodies on the internet!


  1. Great list!!
    Running books and/or your fave running magazine subscription?? lol
    Hope you have a great birthday!

  2. That is quite a list I think you have it all covered. :)

  3. Happy early birthday! I think you have an awesome list! :)

  4. Very nice! I always request gift certs for pedicures to treat my poor running feet.

  5. That's a great list! I'm going to adopt some items for my next birthday! :-)

  6. Yeah, no one would have guess you were a runner by reading that list ;) Hope you have a fabulous birthday!

  7. Great list! And I would like to join team big foot...my size...12!!! Yeah, I am a girl with some big feet!!

  8. I've got to get a pair of compression socks, thanks for the reminder!!

  9. Great list--I hope your birthday brings you all that and more!

  10. HA! Wow, the hubs has NO excuse now. :)

  11. wow that is an awesome list. I went through it and bookmarked so many of the site. Thanks!

  12. How about something from GoneforaRUN.com?? By the way, we tried to reply to your email back in May but Charter.net kept bouncing the emails back to us. If you ever need anything feel free to give me a call toll free, 866-329-5603. -Ryan

  13. HAPPY, HAPPY, BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a wonderful time, the big 3-0 can be survived!!! Trust me ;) You have very, very nice list... Showing you have EXQUISITE taste. Here's one a link for #31 http://shop.wyvernrunning.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=16_19_55&products_id=594

  14. You've got a pretty extensive list here!
    You should try the best socks eva....

  15. Jamie...Happy Early B-Day to you!

    Just so you know...I am hosting the Zebra Print Travel Mug giveaway from Lift My Sole.

    Come over and enter...maybe you will win one!

  16. Great list for a great birthday!!! Happy Birthday -10,950 days old. ENJOY.

    I am not a huge shopper - but LOVE looking for running items on the internet. So much fun. ;-)

  17. You were the one to introduce me to Bondi Bands! Love them! Great wishlist.

  18. hmmm, I think I'll cut and paste your list and send it to my husband.

  19. I love that you desire both Bondi bands AND Bondi band gift card. They are your signature item for sure!