Friday, December 23, 2016

We've been loving her for one year.

One year ago, Baby Diva entered our world – two days before Christmas.  We brought her home on Christmas morning.  We have been loving her for one year today.

At one point I didn’t think that my love could multiply again – but it has.  She has been one amazing blessing.  I didn’t know how I would “start over” again with a tiny infant.  But we simply adjusted our routines and made new ones.  Being a mom of one was busy; being a mom of two was a struggle; but being a mom of three has been amazing chaos - and joy.  My days are completely full (like my heart …) and require a lot of planning.  With the kids being so many different age groups, their needs are so different.  But we have made it work.  And, she has just gone-with-the-flow. The easiest baby ever.

She loves joining me on coaching and running adventures.  I finished a marathon and ran 1,000 miles while she was in my tummy.  Running has just been a part of her daily routine - by my side or in the jogging stroller.  I started running again at 2.5 weeks post-partum and she has joined me for most of my miles this year. She is my co-pilot during errands and extra-curricular activities, and she is a gentle playmate to our rescue dog.  She’s always been a very good sleeper.  I think it is because she knows that we all need time to rest from our busy day; as does she.  She just fits in …. and she makes our family complete.

From the moment we brought her home, her daddy always told her “You are so brave.”.  At first I laughed, but it really is true.  She is so curious and loves to learn and be a part of our lives and routine.  She is rarely fearful of new adventures and has already observed and experienced so much.  And we love having her along for the journey.

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