Friday, December 16, 2016

Clear the Clutter - 31 Day Calendar

With a fresh-start approaching in January, many of us are setting New Year's resolutions, filling empty calendars and planning for new opportunities.  If you would like to simplify your life, organize your home and clear the clutter a bit, try this Clear the Clutter - 31 Day Calendar for January.  In only thirty-one days you will have thirty-one different projects crossed-off of your to-do list.  Things that you've been neglecting, projects you've been avoiding.

Week one you will tackle the clutter in the kitchen.
Week two you will organize your electronics, computer and social media.
Week three you will clean out the bedrooms.
Week four you will organize your essentials around the home.
Week five you will wrap up with a few other random projects.

Here's to starting the year off right, creating some new habits, and clearing the clutter.

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