Friday, December 16, 2016

The transformation.

I don’t just like running with other women.  I love it.  But, it’s not just the running.  It's these amazing women.  The entire the experience.  The transformation.  The change in attitude.  Sweatpants are shed to reveal strong legs in running tights or better yet - shorts.  The new bright technical running gear.  The ability to stand out – because with running comes confidence.

I was training with one woman for the past month.  She’s one of the few walkers that I work with.  For some people, this might come easy.  But for her it does not.  She totally lost sight of time for herself, while home-schooling three children and running her household.  We came up with a plan together – to hold her accountable.  She was going to develop healthy habits for herself.  For her.  Because, routine is everything, right?  We would wake up by 4:30 am and I would pick her up at 5:00 just to get her to my studio treadmill at 5:15.  She knew that I would be there waiting for her.  And when all was said and done, she had her workout in and was home when her husband had to head off to work.

We started off by walking at a slow pace and getting distracted by easy conversation.  Each week she was tempted to run, but always felt that she wasn’t capable.  By week four, I finally made her realize that she could do it – that SHE could do it.  I wasn’t doing it for her.  She was picking up the pace for herself.  So, she ran for one minute.  … Then she asked to do it again – and she asked to keep going.  Ninety seconds passed and I could sense that something changed in her.  She appeared different to me on the drive home.  Confidence was back.  She had transformed.

The next week we ran for much of the duration of one entire song and tears were brought to both of our eyes.  I knew that it was possible.  She didn’t initially – but SHE was in there. 

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