Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Without a stroller.

During a recent couch to 5k running class, we had a part break and bend on our B.O.B. jogging stroller.  The piece was so broken, that the front wheel fell off - with my precious cargo inside.  My running partners and I couldn't get the wheel to go back on and I had to run the rest of our route with only the rear two wheels in tact.  Mini Diva stayed sleeping the entire time.  But mommy got an upper body workout while we ran the way back to the park.
When we got home, I realized how panicked I was.  I felt paralyzed.  I guess I didn't realize what an outlet our new jogging stroller was for me.  It helped me getting in my miles.  I wasn't restricted to running when someone was home to watch Mini Diva.  I wasn't stuck on the treadmill.  I was able to run all of miles with my little one along for the ride if I wanted to.  And hubby and I could actually run together when we wanted to - because of this stroller.  Until now.
I borrowed a stroller from a client and was so grateful for the use of it during that time.  It helped me get in my runs and hold classes during the week without our B.O.B.  But I still couldn't wait to run with our stroller that we loved so much.
We stopped by Babies R Us in torrential downpour (Can we say, desperate??!!) to see if they could help us out with our warranty.  But we were directed to work directly with the manufacturer.  The warranty said that it wouldn't cover this and that and the other thing ... which made me even more panicked and irritable.  We had spent a small fortunate on this stroller and splurged because we wanted something reliable that could tackle the mileage we're use to.  And now we were without it.
After heading home and getting some information off of the stroller, making sure that our stroller was registered correctly, and making a phone call during their business hours ... we were sent the replacement piece without a hassle.  And it arrived within a week.  After hubby put the stroller back together we were headed back out on the road. 
I was so pleased with our experience working with B.O.B. customer service.  And we are so thrilled with our Revolution jogging stroller.  It has been a great investment for our family.

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