Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What to eat before running class

When to eat:
·        Make sure that you eat something light to eat 60-90 minutes before class.
·        Avoid having dinner before an evening class.
·        Have a good mix of carbohydrates and protein.
·        A protein shake may make your stomach “sloshy”.
·        If you are a regular coffee drinker, feel free to have coffee early enough before morning classes.  Allow your body enough time to digest.
·        Don’t try any new foods before a run or race.
What to eat:
·        Morning classes:
o   Protein bar
o   Yogurt with nuts/granola
o   Toast or English muffin with peanut butter
o   Cereal (avoid high fiber varieties)
o   Oatmeal
·        Evening classes:
o   Cheese/pretzels and crackers
o   Protein bar
o   Yogurt with banana

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