Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Sometimes all you need is a staycation.  This week, I chose to take a week off of work to enjoy some quality time at home.  Summer is sadly coming to a close and I want to savor every last minute of it.  I took the time off to enjoy life and those around me - and a few miles.  After a very busy summer of activities for the kids and a crazy coaching schedule, this is exactly what we needed.
I even reluctantly took two days off of running this week.  After a fourty mile weekend, I took the last two days off to enjoy the kids, get the house in order, eat a couple bowls of ice cream and sit on the couch and take in the Olympics.  I even headed to bed both nights before 10:00.  I enjoyed it, but I also felt lazy.
Life is all about balance.  This lifestyle is what you make it.  Sometimes you need to go full-speed-ahead and cram in the miles.  Go-go-go ... that's typically my attitude and my speed.  But, sometimes you need to listen to your body and rest.  I felt rested this morning.  And enjoyed not getting up to the alarm.  My body awoke naturally.  And I was ready to move again.
This morning Mini Diva and I logged six miles on the road.  She slept for 5.75 miles of it. 
We were both pretty happy about our miles together this morning.  Don't forget that life is about balance.

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