Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tips for Running with a Jogging Stroller

Are you a mom on the move?  Here are several tips for running with a jogging stroller.

·         Focus on your posture and don’t arch your back.  Stand nice and tall like you would running by yourself.  

·         Try using one hand, both hands, or alternating hands until you find that you have a comfortable grip that is right for you.

·         Bend your elbows and try to keep your elbows level with your belly button.  Relax your shoulders.

·         When going up a hill, lean back; not forward.  Take short, choppy steps and shorten your stride.

·         Always use the safety strap on your stroller, especially when running downhill.  Keep a firm grip on your handle bar.

·         If your stroller has a front wheel lock, make sure that it is unlocked if you are making many turns.  This will allow the front wheel to swivel.  If you are running an easy out-and-back route, you may want to keep it locked.

·         You should be able to hold a conversation with your children or running partners.  If you cannot speak comfortably, slow down your pace.

·         When changing directions on your route, make sure that the sun isn’t in your child’s direction.  Adjust your stroller’s shade as needed.

·         Always keep an extra blanket, diaper, wipes, snacks and a drink on hand.  If giving your child a toy, make sure that it is tucked into the lap belt or affixed with links.

·         If your stroller doesn’t come with a caddy pouch, invest in one.  This will come in handy for storing your water bottle, sippy cups and securing your cell phone and keys safely.

·         Remember, it is okay to stop if your child needs you.  Make sure that your child is comfortable and happy.  Then you will be happy, too.

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