Thursday, August 11, 2016

Let's talk weightloss.

Well after several months, I'm not only back to my pre-baby weight ... I've surpassed my wedding day weight (September 2013).  I've lost 31 pounds since December.  I've struggled with my weight on and off for years.  But my weight most comfortably sits at 155-160 pounds.  At 156.6 pounds, I am at my lowest weight in several years - excluding an unhealthy year while I went through my divorce in 2011.  My weight dropped just below 150 pounds at that time, when I was struggling with eating three meals a day and staying on a normal schedule while I adjusted to my new life.  That weight and that lifestyle were just not sustainable for me.
156 pounds.  Some people may be shocked by that number. Some of you may be alarmed if you stepped on the scale and saw that number flashing back at you.  Not me, I'm proud.  Not necessarily of the number - but what I did to get there.  Weight looks differently on everyone.  Yet, I still cringe a little and can't believe I'm posting this publicly.  But I honestly want you to know that I'm just like you.  I've worked so hard for that number.  I've been 190 pounds several times in my life.  I've also been 140 pounds (pre-running).  I've put in so many miles and I've trained so hard.  I've also had to make difficult choices.
I've enjoyed a couple bowls of ice cream, indulged in an extra dinner portion here and there, but I've also been logging extra miles and making healthier choices throughout the day.  Sometimes when I plan on three miles, I've decided to head back out for another loop or a couple more miles so that I CAN enjoy that extra treat.  I take the kids or the dog out for an extra walk and I've been trying to complete more strength and core exercises on my own.  It all adds up.  I don't feel deprived with this lifestyle.  But, I can't just run and move my body - that's the easy part for me.  I need to make health-conscious decisions about what I put in my mouth, too.  I can easily consume every single calorie I burn on a three hour training run if I'm not careful.  For me, I need portion-control.  And I need to keep a food journal.   And I need accountability.  This blog is great for that!
I've made some good choices in order to see that number go down and see obvious changes in my body.  I've been stepping on the scale a little less frequently lately, but have been noticing significant changes in how my clothes fit and how I feel.  When I do decide to check in with the scale, I've been totally overjoyed by what it reflects.  I'm looking forward to doing some of my own back-to-school shopping with a gift card to my favorite store this fall.  I can't wait to buy some pants that I feel comfortable in (and hopefully a smaller size).
If you are interested in getting started and working together to achieve your goals, I will help hold you accountable!  For only $1 per day, you will receive a full run/walk schedule, core exercises, weekly private weigh-ins, online/virtual accountability and monthly group run/walks.  Interested participants may register for Weightloss for Runners (and Walkers) which will be held September 1-30.  If the timing isn't right for you, I am also offering an eight week weightloss session in October-November, targeting an optional turkey trot.  Winners from both sessions will receive their session fee refunded.


  1. You look fabulous and thank you for always keeping it real on here! You truly inspire me!

  2. Congratulation Jamie :) Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It's really inspirational.