Friday, August 19, 2016

Rained out.

Due to funeral tomorrow's funeral arrangements for my grandmother, I moved this weekends classes around a bit.  This morning, my alarm was set for 4am, to meet my sweet (and determined!) client, Jenny for a run.  We are both running Lakefront Marathon in early October.  She traveled all the way from Poynette to run together at the early hour.  We met in the dark and had just missed the overnight rain.  There was a nice breeze and the air felt cool which was very much welcomed.  We headed out for ten(ish) miles around town and I showed her my city on foot.  On our way back, a scary looking cloud appeared out of nowhere.  Lightening and thunder boomed in the distance.  With two miles to go, we had to decide to seek shelter or run a little further to find cover.  We decided to book it up the Orfan Park hill and run closer to the west side of Sun Prairie.  As the rain started to pick up, the wind did too.  Our running shoes were quickly soaked and we found cover under a bank drive-through.  We avoided the lightening and missed our final mile home.  After deciding it wasn't the best idea to approach the stranger at the ATM for a ride to our vehicles, we called my husband to come get us.  This is the first time in eleven years that I have ever had to be rescued during my run.  Just another adventure to add to Jenny's marathon training log.  Last week she had to run twenty miles - on the treadmill.

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