Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pretty Princess Weigh-In #4

I'm getting even closer to my goal of reaching 143 lbs by the Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon on March 7. Today was weigh in #4 of my Pretty Princess Project. Small loss this week. But, a loss is a loss. I haven't been snacking in the evening. But, last night my daughter and I had a "sleepover" in the living room and I snacked on a high fiber bar and a 100 cal pack of kettle corn. Those high fiber bars are so yummy ... but, leave me terribly bloated!!! Hopefully the scale says, "bye-bye 150's" next week!

January 1: 158.0 lbs

January 8: 153.0 lbs

January 15: 151.0 lbs

January 22: 150.5 lbs

Total Lost: 7.5 lbs

Goal Weight on March 7: 143 lbs

Normal Weight: 148 lbs

Lowest WW Weight: 143 lbs (January 2005)

Proud accomplishments this week:

- I was home with both kids on Monday and Friday, since there was no school. I ended up getting TWO runs in each day, with both kids playing along side me. We also bounced around (yes I joined in the fun!) at Bounce U and I took them sledding and pulled the little guy up and down the hill.

- I went to a ladies-only brunch with my family on Sunday and loaded up my first plate with salad, the second with mostly steamed veggies and two chocolate covered strawberries. I was able to skip the decadent dessert table and passed on Grandma's birthday cake.

- I rented some fun workout DVDs from the library, including some fun ones for the kids to join in on. We all had a blast!


  1. Bounce U is fun! The location closest to me closed down, unfortunately. You are doing terrific with your Pretty Princess Project! You have been able to take on some things that are challenging for me (brunches & evening snacking) with great fortitude. High-five!

  2. Nice work on the weight loss! I agree on the fiber bars. I can't eat them anymore or I can't do up my pants!! Have a great weekend!

  3. Great work!! Congratulations!

  4. 143 is my magic number as well! And I'm right at 150 too. Scary similarity! Crossing my fingers for you that the scale says good-bye to the 150s next week!

  5. Love the sleep over in the living room.

    Way to pass on the dessert table and birthday cake.

    Good riddance to the 150's

    Enjoy the day

  6. Fantastic job on the weightloss this month! How did the kids like the DVD?