Friday, January 8, 2010

DVD Review: BeFit-Mom - Bounce Back Fast!

I was given the opportunity to review a great workout video for all mommies: BeFit-Mom's Bounce Back fast! Post Natal Core Conditioning with perinatal exercise specialist, Helene Byrne.

The DVD also comes with a free fitness band (mine was pink!). It is incorporated into many of the exercises.
Children are not Incorporated into the exercises in this program. However, you could certainly have your children workout with you. My two year old son actually enjoyed laying with me on my yoga mat and pretending to mock mommy's moves.
The tone of the video is soothing, calm and is geared towards mommies and mommy doing something for herself. Definitely a time of relaxation. The music is calming and not up beat.
This video is great for all mommies, no matter how far out you are postpartum. I had my second child two years ago, and I certainly could benefit from these exercises. One of my goals this year is to work on flattening my tummy and to incorporate ab exercises into my routine. I will certainly be using this DVD, even two years postpartum.
I like that the DVD is broken down into several sections. Since I log so many miles and hours running each week, I don't have a lot of time to do additional workouts and this way I can do 30 minutes or I can do less than ten minutes at a time. You can choose what you want to do. And, no additional equipment is needed. Just bring the DVD and your fitness with you anywhere and you are ready to workout!
I really enjoyed the DVD and am sure I will already be feeling the results tomorrow. Ouch!
Postpartum Exercise (6:30 min):
In the beginning of the DVD, Helene gives a lot of guidance for when you should start exercises and how much you should be doing, whether you have had a vaginal delivery, c-section or if you have had tearing and/or stitches.
Helene suggests the appropriate angles and if you cannot achieve certain positions on your own, she suggests other items you can incorporate into the routine, to make you feel comfortable.
Pelvic Floor Reconditioning (7:00 min):
Helene discusses kegel exercises and how they are important to the post-partum period. She demonstrates exercises in a chair. She also discusses imagery and how you can complete these exercises successfully with appropriate movements.
Abdominal Separation (4:10 min):
Helene sits down with a model to do floor exercises. Helene and the model work together to show you exactly what you should be doing to achieve the best results. She also discusses positions you should avoid, that will cause more problems to your abdominal wall. It was helpful for her to sit down with the model for each exercise and show you exactly what you should be doing and what you SHOULDN'T be doing.
Post Natal Abdominal Training (10 min):
Helene works with the model again and shows you how you should maintain a flat abdominal wall during exercise, instead of letting your tummy "bulge out" as you do ab exercises. You should train your muscles to do what you want them to eventually do, even during exercise.
Gentle First Moves (30 min):
The fitness band is incorporated into these exercises, which I found really helpful.
- Safe, restorative exercises
- Speeds recovery from labor and delivery
- Relieves aches and pain
Bounce Back fast! (35 min):
The fitness band was also incorporated into these exercise. A second model worked with Helene during the routine, who was four months postpartum. A lot of the moves were things I wouldn't even think about trying, but I really felt a difference when I did them. I'm sure they will target some of the problem areas, I didn't even know how to work on.
- Flattens and tones all four layers of the abdominal wall
- Strengthens deep core muscles
- Repairs abdominal separation
- Corrects posture
- Restores flexibility
- Builds upper body strength for lifting and carrying
- Separate workout for abdominal separation

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Helene Byrne was great at explaining everything throughout the entire DVD. She not only told you what moves to do, but explained to you why you are doing them and how your body will benefit. She has over 20 years in the fitness industry and I could tell that she was really knowledgeable about exercise and the birthing process.


  1. Great review. Obviously this product does not work for me :), but I still like your writing style and the detail you give.

    Great job.

  2. great post and good review. I cant say anything about that, as i havent had any kids yet.
    but its always fun to try new things and get free things!

  3. Your review was really helpful to me. I am a certified yoga instructor AND just delivered my second child. I am thinking about getting the DVD, but wanted to make sure it was worthwile as I have to pay for additional shipping and taxes having the dvd shipped to Europe, Denmark :o)

  4. Brilliant review, two and a half years after my wee one arriving, and despite doing lots of cardio exercise, my tummy is still has a mind of its own - but needed reassurance this was for me as other dvds don't take into account the postpartum aspect and just seem to compound the issue especially since I too am in Europe - will definitely make the investment now though!