Saturday, January 9, 2010

Decade in Review (2000 - 2009)

I've seen so many other bloggers outline the last decade of their lives and thought I'd like to try it out, too. So much has changed. Heck, I started out the decade at a mere 19 years old for Pete's sake!!! And, now I'm approaching 30!!

I should note that in 1999, I joined Weight Watchers for the very first time at 198 lbs and got down to aroun 170 lbs during my first time on the program.

- circa 170 lbs
- Got engaged in the Spring
- Discovered scrapbooking
- Started working at the University of Wisconsin, in my current role
- Jason and I became first time homeowners, as we purchased and designed the interior of our condo

- Car accident one week before our wedding and totalled my Chevy Beretta
- Jason and I were married in August
- 160 lbs on our wedding day
- Honeymooned in Jamaica in August/September
- Purchased my Purple Mercury Cougar
- September 11, 2001

- Started trying to conceive
- Jason and I went to Las Vegas for an entire week in September

2002 - Las Vegas - around 165 lbs

- Went to Omaha, Nebraska for a friend's wedding
- Found out we were pregnant in April
- Traded in my Mercury Cougar for a family vehicle, a Ford Focus
- Gave birth to our first child, Paige, in December

2003 - with Paige - 195 lbs

- Rejoined Weight Watchers
- Reached initial WW goal in November (153 lbs)

- Became a Weight Watchers Lifetime member in January (143 lbs)
- Started my scrapbooking website/community online
- Purchased our brand new home (right up the street from our condo)
- Was inspired by our friend who competed in Ironman and took up running
- Ran my first two 5Ks in the Fall
- Reconnected with a few high school friends and am happy that we are now in touch again

2005 - Mother's Day - 145 lbs

- Ended my scrapbooking website/community to focus more on our family and my running
- Ran several 5Ks
- Ran my first half marathon and competed in my first duathlon
- Miscarried in November (at six weeks)
- Went with Jason and Paige to Walt Disney World for their first trip to the magical place
(my 7th trip) over Thanksgiving

2006 - 1st family trip to WDW - 145 lbs

- Found out we were pregnant in April
- Bailed on my second half marathon, due to morning sickness
- Ran several 5Ks and then took a break during the second half of my pregnancy
- Went with Jason and Paige to Walt Disney World in October for Halloween (my 8th trip)
- Gave birth to our second child, Jackson, in December
- Concerts: John Mayer

2007 - with Jackson - 195 lbs

- Cut off all of my hair and got the "mommy 'do"
- Bailed on another half marathon, due to really bad shin splints and underwent physical therapy (returned to running too hard/too fast after childbirth)
- Ran in several 5Ks
- Ran my first marathon and participated in the Chicago Marathon
- Reconnected with most of my high school classmates, and discovered the wonderful world of Facebook
- Attended my 10 year high school reunion
- ran 1,000 miles
Concerts: John Mayer, Jonas Brothers, Cheetah Girls

2008 - My First Marathon - 149 lbs

- Went with Jason, Paige and Jackson to Walt Disney World
(for my 9th trip) as Jason competed in the WDW Marathon
- Started my blog
- Traded in my Ford Focus for my Chrysler Town & Country Minivan
- Ran several 5Ks, a duathlon, and 5 half marathons (PR'd in my second marathon by almost 20 mins)
- Traveled a lot around the midwest for races (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa)
- Watched Jason train for and complete his very first Ironman
- Ran with Paige in her very first one mile race
- Ran 1,200 miles
- Concerts: Hannah Montana

2009 - Family Photo - 148 lbs


  1. You've come a long way in 10 years!

    My kids are four years apart, both born in October, also due to a miscarriage in between.

    I'm hoping to run the Madison Mini marathon in August as well, but will have to wait and see if I'm actually visiting my parents that weekend.

    MCM Mama

  2. You've had quite a decade! And an amazing transformation. Congrats!

  3. What a lovely recap. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Very exciting decade for you! You also have a beautiful family. Here's to another fabulous decade.

  5. What a great post. That family picture is beautiful!

  6. Wow- isn't it amazing how many changes we go through in 10 years?! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Cute family! (and cute 'mommy do'). ;)

  7. Love the decade in review and what a beautiful family you have!

  8. Lots of wonderful stuff this last decade! I love your haircut in the family picture, beautiful family.

  9. thanks for following my blog! sounds like a great decade for you. :)

  10. Great job getting in fabulous shape, mama! You've got a beautiful family there.

  11. Great recap. I didn't know you had miscarried before Jackson. I'm sorry.

    You continue to inspire and amaze me.

  12. Wow...nice recap! Great job on getting back to your svelte figure after having your adorable babies!

  13. And she just keeps getting better looking with age. It's amazing.

  14. Hi there!
    OMG what a wonderful post!!! Such a mix of running/family/fun memories. Congrats on all the accomplishments!

    RE your post... I'm 5'3-- ok, ok 5'2 1/2! My Dr. actually told me that nearing 130 is in the "slightly overweight" area... but my marathon monster legs-- aka linebacker legs, and all their muscle are most of that weight. Oh well... hopefully 120 won't be too hard to get to! I haven't weighed that since 8th grade!

    Keep up the posts (they're so fun to read) and happy running!

  15. I loved your recap of the past decade!! What incredible things you accomplished in 10 years and wow, what a gorgeous family you have! Only the bestest wished for 2010 to you!

  16. this post gave me chills!
    u have come a long way. congrats. u have a beautiful family!