Friday, January 29, 2010

Pretty Princess Project -- Weigh-In #5

I'm getting even closer to my goal of reaching 143 lbs by the Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon on March 7. Today was weigh in #5 of my Pretty Princess Project.

A small loss last week resulted in a bigger loss this morning. Last week, I was hoping to say "bye-bye" 150's ... and I did!!! Today the scale said 148.0!!!!!!! That's a 2.5 lb loss from last week and an even 10 lbs weight loss in four weeks!!

January 1: 158.0 lbs
January 8: 153.0 lbs
January 15: 151.0 lbs
January 22: 150.5 lbs
January 29: 148.0 lbs

Total Lost: 10.0 lbs
Goal Weight on March 7: 143 lbs
Normal Weight: 148 lbs
Lowest WW Weight: 143 lbs (January 2005)

Proud accomplishments this week:

- At the office, we had a birthday party this week and ordered out to one of my favorite sub places (not low-cal Subway!). I made a Weight Watchers meal, FF yogurt, SF jello and a 100 cal pack instead. I still joined the group , but I saved calories and money!!
- Pounded out 9 miles on the TM on Sunday, in under 1:20:00.


  1. What a great loss! congrats!

  2. Yay for breaking 150! So awesome!

    BTW - I just registered for the Disney Princess Half today! So excited!

  3. That is awesome!!! Way to go! :)

  4. Awesome! You are right on track for that 143!!

  5. WOOOOWWWWW!! Great great great loss!!! You're doing awesome and you're going to knock out those last peskie few in no time. Keep up the good work, eye on the prize and all that. You can do it. :)

  6. awesome weight loss! that is great!
    keep up the good work!!!

  7. Congrats on the loss!

    9 Miles on the Treadmill, how can you do it?

  8. Awesome! That's it. I'm starting today and going to try and get 10 lbs of in the next 4 weeks! It's possible, right?!

    Great job!

  9. 10 pounds in 4 weeks - that's awesome! And 9 miles on the treadmill too. Way to go!

  10. Woo-Hoo!! Making good choices can be so hard sometimes, especially in social situations.

    Keep up the great work :)

    Have a good weekend!!

    Wow! Congrats on the w/l! 10 lbs in 4 weeks is fantastic and most def. inspiring! Enjoy your weekend.

  12. My dream is to break the 150s... you are so inspirational.

    I am new follower... keep it up, girl!

  13. You must be so excited to see those numbers getting smaller. Great job!

  14. WOW oh wow!! Major congrats. that is such focus and results to prove it..

  15. Thanks for following my blog. Glad to be following you now.

    Great job on the weight loss.

    The Princess Half is a great event. You're going love it!