Saturday, January 16, 2010

10 Things that Make Me Happy ... Pass it On

I was tagged by Westford Mommy to list some things that make me happy and pass it onto other bloggers in bloggy-land. I LOVE lists, so here goes a simple one.

1) My family; those two little terrors brighten my day

2) Achieving the goals I've set

3) Our annual trips to Walt Disney World

4) A clean kitchen with uncluttered counters

5) Grocery shopping solo, comparing prices/brands and analyzing food labels

6) Anything comfy from Victoria's Secret

7) Seeing my kids play together

8) My mini van

9) Pink

10) Melting snow

Now, I'm tagging YOU to make your own list. It will take two minutes to type out and just might brighten your day a little bit. Here's a little bloggy-love:

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  1. Oh uncluttered, clean counter! It's an endless pursuit - as soon as they are clean they get messy again!

  2. Had to stop by and say hello to the other Wisconsinite taking part in Tall Mom's 1,000+++ Mile Club!

    I look forward to following along on your blog!

    And uncluttered counters? Those exist? I must find them.

  3. I think everything on your list belongs on my list. :) I forgot about solo grocery trips! I went grocery shopping with my husband and kids yesterday and I made him take the kids for a walk so I could concentrate. :)

  4. Unclutter counters, I must agree make me happy too. All great things:)