Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Children's Book Review: Running The Race

Paige and I were given another WONDERFUL opportunity to review another fantastic running-related book for Children.

Running The Race was written by Jeff Yosick. It follows Ashley's journey of discovering that her grandmother has breast cancer. Ashley helps support both her mother and grandmother throughout their journey. The book touches on love, support and dealing with the disase. Ashley and her family decide to run/walk in a race, to help her deal with her grandmother's breast cancer diagnosis. The book follows the reader through several US cities and landscapes, where participants are walking and running for the cause. The journey becomes a lifelong commitment for Ashley and her family, and eventually her very own daughter becomes involved.

Paige asked more questions during my reading of this book, than any other book I've read to her. She was really intersted in the disease of breast cancer, how it effects people and how people participate in various events and races, to support breast cancer research. We also discussed how scientists are trying to find a cure for this disease that effects so many.

Paige really enjoyed the illustrations and the mixed-items in the book. The book had such strong illustrations that were in black and white with highlighted pieces being portrayed in bright pink. Paige immediately noticed that some important items were actually photographed items in the book. There were also some really nice snapshots of Jeff and his family participating in a race. Paige thought this was really neat. She is such a girly-girl (like mommy!) and really loved the bright pink and contrast of colors, too.

The book is available at Amazon.com for $12.99 in paperback.

Please visit Jeff's website for more great titles: http://www.jyosick.com/

At the end of the story, there are several additional sections for you to review with your child, including this great list, outlining how children can make a difference and support the cause. There was also an extensive list of women "who have run the race before us". My daughter was in awe by the way I explained how many people are effected by this disease.

This is another great book, that I look forward to sharing with both of our children. And, I hope to get them involved in the cause.


  1. This really hits home. My grandma has her third round of cancer right now. Since her first diagnosis she started walking then run-walking and since has done her first 5K and many more after that. I'm going to buy this book!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss! That’s awesome and your right a loss is a loss is a loss, rejoice in each one! I’ve been to Bounce U before. I too was one of the crazy adults playing on all the equipment. It was a blast and if I remember I think I worked up a little sweat!

    Hope your having a great day!