Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Treadmill Workout for New Moms

It can be very difficult to find "me time" during our busy days as moms and parents.  I have found that I really need to schedule and plan my workouts around our busy schedule and routine.  If I think I'm just going to workout when I want to workout - chances are it isn't going to happen.  Sometimes a nap doesn't last as long as I think it will.  And sometimes my little one is fussier and curious than normal.  If I want to get in a few miles by myself or with a client, I often have my little one next to me in a pack and play or toy.  This was easier to accomplish when she was an infant.  But, now as a toddler, she is more mobile and more interested in what I am doing.  She will typically occupy herself for 1-2 miles; sometimes 3-4.  But typically her curiosity causes her to want to be included in my workout.  It's not that she wants me to stop what I'm doing.  She just loves being a part of it.  I've often taken her out of the pack and play and strapped her on me in the baby carrier.  Walking at a slow pace, I've always felt comfortable walking with her - just like outdoors.  Most of my clients are mothers or parents and enjoy having her be a part of our fitness routine.
Below is an easy workout that you and your baby can do together.  It incorporates some power-walking as well as some core workout and stretching with your baby.  If 4 MPH is too fast for you right now, you can simply adjust the treadmill pace on this routine to 3 or 3.5 MPH.  This is a great option for new mothers that are looking at getting back into a fitness routine after having their baby.  New mothers should always have the approval of their doctor before starting a new fitness routine.

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