Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Treadmill & Core Workout

As runners most of us just focus on our mileage and distance. But stretching, core work and cross-training also should be incorporated into our routine.  It can be so easy to squeeze in our scheduled mileage on the treadmill or around our neighborhood.  But as soon as we hit stop on the treadmill or our stop watch, it's easy to tend to our families or chores around the house.  Instead of scheduling thirty minutes of running and twenty minutes of core work or cross-training, trying blending everything into one routine.
Here is a sample blended treadmill and core workout.  All you need is 45 minutes to get a well-rounded workout done.  Talk about multi-tasking?!  Complete this workout three times a week - ideally every-other day.  After week one, bump up your planks to one minute at a time and try switching your crunches to burpees or increasing the number of crunches.

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