Thursday, October 6, 2011

Preppy Argyle Running Skirt & RunLove Compression Socks Review

Lately, I've been seen EVERYWHERE in my running clothes. I wear them to train in, to race in, to run errands, to dinner, on dates ... yes, EVERYWHERE! Running, training and coaching has become my life this year ... literally my second job ... so I change at the office from my work attire to my running attire (usually a Running Skirt, compression socks and a Bondi Band) and then head out the door for an entire night of running and multi-tasking when I don't have the kids. So, why not look cute while I'm running around stinky and sweaty?!?!?!?

Running Skirts (HERE) aren't only a trend ... they are a lifestyle. Fashion, function, fit!!!!! I love the Running Skirts brand because they are comfortable and fit perfectly. The briefs and shorts underneath are super comfortable and breathable as well. The patterns and bright, vibrant colors that they are offer are just too cool not to pass up and definitely make a statement.

I loved the length of the Preppy Purple Argyle Skirt (HERE) that I received. The fit was awesome and the length is FANTASTIC. I love running skirts, but sometimes am still self-conscious by them bouncing around while I run. The length and the shorts/briefs underneath work well to prevent chaffing and don't ride up much. I ocassionally need to pull them down ... but I'm never tugging at them while I'm running. The skirt also has a nice pocket for gels, iPods, etc. I personally have never used it, since I prefer to put everything in the pocket of my handheld water bottle.

This skirt retails for $58.00 on the Running Skirts website.

I have been in LOVE with my purple RunLove Compression Socks (HERE) from Running Skirts. I have a few other pairs of compression socks from other companies and I adore these babies. The color is fun and the heart accents are adorable. I receive so many comments on these at races and while I'm out training. Some people snicker, some people just smile, but most say, "nice socks". They are comfortable, even for long distances and they've been great even in the heat. They breathe really well. I wore them the whole second half of the summer. And, I really love them for Spring and Fall months when the weather can be iffy or cool. They are a great alternative to wearing running tights under your skirts or shorts. They don't move, slouch or pinch. I didn't say they weren't hard to get on/off, though. They are available in the funnest (yes, I'm making that a word today!) colors around: pink, blue and purple.

These socks retail for $32.00 on the Running Skirts website. And, the more you buy, the more you save!! Check out the specials they are running (pun intended!) right now. Get a group of your running buddies together and place an order. Ok, I give you permission ... go ahead ... flaunt your stuff out there on the road. If I lose these next ten pounds that I've been trying to get off ... I'm treating myself to the blue pair.

Many of you have tried running skirts and compression socks.

Which is your favorite?

What do you like/dislike about the ones you've tried??


  1. Hands down Running Skirts brand running skirts are the best! Length, comfort, and fit are always perfect for me. Now, I have the run love compression socks and they are super cute, except on me. My calves are too big and so the cute little heart ends up looking like a pork chop!Ha!

  2. I love that skirt! So cute! I wish skirts fit my shape better. And of course hearts on compression socks are always good.

    Wht I didn't like about my skirts is that they didn't stay up. I sweat like crazy esp. in the summer and the weight of my sweat alone made the skirt sag. A smaller size would be waaaay to tight around my hips. (Talking about Running Skirts band skirts) I love the material, the designs, the colors. But the cut just doesn't work on me. I need smaller hips!)

  3. Now that is cute!!

    I love the Nike Pacer running skirt. The material is light, the boy shorts stay in place (pretty much), and it has a nice back pocket. I just wish it had some more pockets.

  4. I have yet to try a running skirt. I have been considering trying one of their capri skirts as I always run in capris.

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  6. This is perfect! I was looking for a post-run sock. Love my compression socks.