Thursday, October 6, 2011

CEP AllSport Calf Sleeves from SportsCompression.com

I always love working with David and his awesome products at SportsCompression (HERE). I had never tried sleeves before. I love the look and comfort of compression socks, but I wasn't sure I'd like the sleeves and the fact that they were separate from my running socks. But, they worked well. And, they looked even cooler. How fun would these be in bright pink or neon green?!? And, yes ... check out the CEP AllSport Calf Sleeves (HERE) to purchase them in bright pink or neon green! If you aren't that brave, they also sell the white version like I have, as well as black.

The CEP AllSport Calf Sleeves retail for $45, but SportsCompression.com is selling them for $39!
Start Shopping NOW!!! They qualify for free shipping ... and SportsCompression.com is offering you a 30 day money back guarantee!

I measured my calf and I wear a size 10 shoe. I was sent a women's size III AllSports Sleeve in white to try out. Size III sleeves fit 12.5-15 in circumference (widest area of calf). There are three sizes available for women (II, III and IV). There are also three sizes available for men.

Flat stitching makes them comfortable. The breathable material makes them comfortable while you run and they material is also fast-drying post work-out.

Compression sleeves let your muscles breathe, while increasing your performance during a training run and also minimize muslce vibrations. Wear them after your long runs to regenerate quicker. Research shows they may even help you run easier. Hmmm??

About SportsCompression.com:

Our company was formed in 2008 with the passion to bring quality products to athletes just like us. Through our quest in testing products for our own personal use we decided to sell only the top items we have experienced and focus solely on compression sportswear given the increased category importance.

Every athlete can benefit from compression and we want to give athletes an experience where they trust the products offered and feel safe knowing the company behind them supports the customers needs. It's our goal to be a favorite on the internet for niche products that can make a positive impact in an athletes performance.

Have you tried compression sleeves?
Do you like them better/worse
than compression socks??


  1. I bought a pair of these in lime green at the expo immediately after I finished my half marathon back in June... I LOVE them. They work really well. And I love the color!! :D

  2. I have comp socks and keep thinking I need to try compression calf sleeves for my trail running. With getting so much junk in my shoes and getting wet all the time, I'd love to not have to taken my whole socks off with shoe changes. If I had sleeves I could leave them in place and just swap out the regular sock and shoe. I need to get some soon!

  3. I have compression socks, but haven't tried sleeves. These seem like they'd be pretty comfortable.

  4. I've got the same sleeves, but in black. I absolutely love them. I've never noticed a difference DURING a run when I have them on, but I have found that the recovery time is cut down drastically!

    I used to have to take it easy for a week after major races, but if I wear the sleeves, I'm back at it within 2-3 days.

    I didn't know they came in green now though! I might have to check those out! Thanks for the review!!

  5. Just got mine today. I can't wait to try them out :) I love your reviews!!!

  6. Hi, I just found your site because I am searching a cep shin compression sleeves. I have shin sprints and I want to recovery for my shin after work out. I decided to buy this sleeves and same color white.
    How's sleeves now?

    your review helped me.