Monday, October 17, 2011

GoLite HydroSprint and Rush Pack Review

We all know how much I LOOOOOOVE my handheld water bottles. I carry them on every run now ... no matter how short of a distance I go. They are great for keeping me hydrated and carrying items such as my keys or change or my phone ... since I'm always on the go these days. I've shared my love for handheld water bottles with several seasoned runners and new runners that I'm coaching. It's spreading!

Well, my first handheld water bottle was the HydroClutch from GoLite (HERE). The folks at Outside PR sent it to me quite some time ago ... and I've been hooked ever since.

I was sent some additional samples of the GoLite Carry Gear (HERE) this year to review ... all involving NO HANDS! These products are great for long training runs, risky hikes, walks and adventures with the kids ... you name it! They are perfect for active folks like ourselves, no matter how much we are sweating. And, the best thing is they keep you hands-free! You can concentrate on your workout, or hold your little ones hand while you are out at a State Park hiking together or walking around your neighborhood or at a festival or event.

I tried out the HydroSprint (HERE). Retails for $40

When one bottle is all you need, the HydroSprint is a great choice. The best part, ladies!!! Gender-specific belt shape sculpted to carry comfortably on the hips! The stability of our wide hipbelt and No-Bounce™ strap system and ergonomic access to your bottle and gel flask lets you run long and hard.

The pack includes 1 twenty oz bottle and 1 gel flask (which can also carry water or endurance fluids). All of the pockets can be loaded up with everything you need for a walk or hike, or lightly packed for a training run with only the essentials. It has the capacity to hold a lot of stuff, but if you choose not to, it's not extra heavy. It DIDN'T bounce when I ran. But, I still prefer my handheld, just because I'm use to holding it when I run (it doesn't bother me a bit) and I don't usually like anything extra around my waist. I definitely will be wearing this to hike and on some of my longer training runs though (when I need extra space to carry things).

I was also sent the Rush Pack (HERE) to review. Retails for $70.

The fully customizable 2010 Rush does triple duty as a super-stable trail running pack, dialed mountain biking pack and great day hiking pack. The bag itself, weighs over one pound. The bag is light ... but can get heavy in no time .... because it has SOOOO many spots to store things. You can get weighed-down fast!

I would never run with this pack, myself (may you ultra marathoners could?!), but I enjoyed using this on a hike at a State Park, exploring the trails. There are two expandable pockets for water bottles, and places for gels, keys, cell phones, maps, energy bars, snacks. You can fill this pack up with things for the kids while you are on an outting ... wipes, diapers, a change of clothes for everyone, snacks, sunscreen and insect repellant. These pack has room for EVERYTHING for you and your entire active family!

The adjustable hip harness and shoulder strap are comfortable and didn't dig into my shoulders or stomach. The fabric is also breathable, just like performance gear, when you are sweating.

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  1. Love that second pack! You are right, I could use that at my next 50k and 50m coming up soon.

  2. I never thought running can look that good! :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I admire how you manage to juggle so many things in the air. I've always wanted to start running, but I'm just not quite sure what's holding me back... I should give it a try, I know :)

  3. Interesting gear. Always looking for ways to carry fuel and hydration!