Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's a Lifestyle Change.

I had a race this morning (more details on that 5K later this week), followed by a solo 3 miles while I waited for a client for a coaching session and another 2 miles ... all followed by a weekly trip to the grocery store. I knew my schedule for the day and planned to take my grocery list and my coupons with me when I headed out the door with my running gear. I didn't even think twice about heading to the grocery store in my running gear after 8 miles this morning. The thought never entered my mind to go home and take a shower. Instead, I went there all sweaty, stinky and dressed like this ........

I realized at the check-out that I didn't even take of my race bib and had been wearing it all morning without noticing. I noticed people checking out my compression socks and bright orange running shoes. And, wondered what the heck their problem was. Someone at the check-out asked me if I had just ran a race, and I thought, "Duh! Yep.".

I bought the kids a small pack of donuts for our weekend getaway next week and the cashier asked if I wanted them kept out for my purse, and I said, "No please, those are for my kids". Heck, why would I want donuts for the drive home?!?!?! Then, I asked the bagger to hand me the plastic container of ripe grape tomotoes to snack on in the car on the way home. I was hungry from all that running I did earlier in the day, ya know. Then, I started to chuckle ... I just passed up powdery, sugary donuts for tomoatoes?!?! Seriously?!? Seriously.

I took my groceries to the car and loaded everything into the Marathon Mommy Minivan and headed home. On my drive home, I realized that this truly has become a lifestyle change for me. This was at least the fifth time in a row that I've gone grocery shopping in my running clothes, all stinky and sweaty. In fact, I can't remember the last time I've really run errands in street clothes. And I don't even think about it? Why?! Because, it's apart of my life ... it IS my life!!! Last week, when I was at the same grocery store, several people approached me and were asking me what sport I played. Oddly enough, no one guessed running. Other guesses included tennis and volleyball ... and one guy that just asked if I was trying to bring 80's retro socks back in style.

But, since I've taking up running in 2005, it has gradually become apart of my routine and my lifestyle. And, with the daily excercise, my eating habits have changed, too. I still splurge and indulge (sometimes too much making myself sick). I love ice cream and cupcakes. But, when I feel ill after having two or three .... or four servings, I realize how good "fueling" my body with the right things feels. How eating the right things .... AND moving my body daily helps balance everything out. I don't even think twice about throwing two teeny tiny containers of raspberries in my shopping cart for Little Diva, even though they are 2/$5 ... because I would think it was a bargain if I through 2 bags of chips in the cart for the same amount. So what if she eats a whole container in one sitting.

When I unloaded my groceries, I realized that I really have come a long way. Our kitchen counter is filled with a huge basket of fruit.

Our fridge is filled with more fruits and vegetables. TONS of yogurt for all three of us. Sugar-Free jello that's ready to grab on the go. Enought Diet Mountain Dew to tame my addiction. Powerade Zero and bottled water. Tons of Diet Dew and Coffee and lots of Coffee Mate to get me through my day as a Super Hero (ok, maybe that's not the best thing to have stashed in my fridge ... but there are a lot worse things).

Our fridge and our pantry aren't the perfect picture of healthy choices (like those donuts!), but it is close. I make sure that healthy choices are easily accessible for all three of us. So that we can make good choices.

I keep telling everyone that I coach, that running WILL become apart of their daily routine. That it's not going to happen over night. But, someday you are going to WANT to get out for that run (all on your own). That if you don't get your run in, that you will be crabby. That you will start reaching for healthy foods to fuel your body for a run. That you will appreciate your body for what it is. Some believe me, some have already have seen signs in themselves, and some just laugh at the thought. I loved hearing fromm a client last week, that she saw people out running while she was running errands in her car, and was JEALOUS that they were getting a run in and wanted to join them. That's the lifestyle change that I like hearing about. You can start your new lifestyle TODAY!

What does your refrigerator
say about you?
Have you recently
made a lifestyle change??
.... Or are you still working on it?


  1. When I was in the grocery store the other day with my running skirt and compression sleeves on, the cashier asked me if I played tennis. She didn't guess running, either :)

  2. My refidgerator would often say I'm empty because food is usually the last thing I think about. Which does lead to some bad choices. It's a balancing act to not make food a priorty but a requirement to fuel an active lifestyle. For me it's still a work in progress.

    Our family will soon be having a radical change. As a friend recently told me, " jump in with two feet!"

  3. Awesome work! I think about how much my eating/activity levels have changed, too. This time last year, I was looking for wide-leg boots. Now, regular boots fit without a problem (thank you, running!).

  4. I am glad I am not the only one that goes grocery shopping all sweaty. My co-workers are even used to me coming in all sweaty and yep, I do shower before work. They are also used to seeing me do a quick switch from work clothes to running clothes if I am gonna run on the way home.

    But I need to work better on getting my fridge to look like yours!

  5. You are such an inspiration! I am definitely a work in progress! :) It's hard since I am still craving the sweets I ate during my pregnancy...and the fact that I am constantly starving due to breastfeeding...But I am already trying to keep apples, banana's, carrots, and yogurt stocked so I can make better choices! :) Your fridge looks awesome though! I hope mine looks like that someday! :)

  6. Yep, when I see someone running I always think - I should be doing that or I want to be doing that :)