Monday, October 17, 2011

GoLite Wildwood Trail Run Top Review

I always thought that GoLite (HERE) only specialized in hydration systems ... but, I was wrong! They also sell some great performanc clothing for men and women.

Check out their sweet line of Womens Gear (HERE):

- Outerwear (HERE)
We design our lightweight outerwear to make weather conditions obsolete. Utilizing groundbreaking technology such as a reflective heat barrier, these durable jackets manage the elements with performance and panache.

- Performance Gear (HERE)
Your best days include some heart-pumping outdoor fun. We get it. Which is why we’ve got you covered, from feather-light wind jackets to athletic fleece pieces to light-speed drying tops that won’t ever slow you down.

- Baselayer (HERE)
The fastest drying baselayers around –these pieces are made without compromise. They dry fast and move well so you can forget about what you are wearing and enjoy the adventure at hand.

- Accessories (HERE)
No kit is complete without a trendy hat or visor.

I received a light-weight, Wildwood Trail Shortsleeve Run Top in White (HERE) - Retails for $45

I was sent my size Medium. It was advertised as "fitted" and I agree. Since it was white and the fabrice is really thin, I probably would have gone up a size. The fit would be PERFECT if it was a darker color. But, I personally, could see through the fabric, and see all my buldges.

This top uses lightweight, quick-dry fabrics & a UPF of 50+, this top is built to protect from the sun & heat. Fast-wicking Minerale panels, secure pocket (bonus!), and reflective logos.

The moisture management fabrics dry fast by pulling moisture away from the body, so it can quickly evaporate. The material is soft, comfortable and breathable. This top would work great on its own in the warmer months or layered with longer layers underneather or jackets over the top for cooler runs. This might just be the lightest top I own. If I didn't look down, I'd think I was running topless!! I love running gear that is fuss-free!!

I'm not sure how I feel about the white fabric. Even with a white sports bra underneath, it was still quite see through. I will definitely be layering this under and over other running gear out on my runs.

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  1. I love the products on the Go-lite site and would love to try them out. I love the white shirt but, like you, I'd prefer a darker colour - especially to hide the bulges! It would be a great base layer to have for our chilly Canadian winter runs.

  2. I have a few things from Go-Lite. Good company.

    Agreed that white might not flatter my needs-some-work-middle but I do love the cut (at least on you). I also love your skirt! Running skirt?

  3. Hi Jamie! Thanks for stopping by my blog today; it's always good to connect with like minded folks. I'm a wanna-be runner so I'm poking around your site. Keep in touch!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am in total awe of you, running (distance) and parenting and working. Wow.
    I know I want to get back to running (I'll stop at the half distance or even 10k, I hate the full). But right now, I know I dont get enough time with the boys to take any of it away. That will change as they get older.
    I have been installing the 'love of the sport' into them though. They 'cheered' their first half marathon when less than a month old (okay, they slept, I cheered). I still give clinic talks at the local running store and while they want me back to teach again, if I find that time, it will be for my running first.