Friday, August 27, 2010

Kohana Girl Pre-Teen Body Care Product Review & Giveaway

Little Diva was so excited to try out some really cool products from Kohana Girl (HERE). I found out about Kohana Girl via the dolls that we adore so much, Go Go Sports Girls (HERE). Go Go Sports Girls and Kohana Girl both encourage young girls and pre-teens to live a healthy and active lifestyle and believe in themselves. Who doesn't love that?!?!?

Kohana Girls products were created by girls, for girls! After all, girls need choices, too. Why should grown-ups have all the fun?

Little Diva (... and Little Dude!! He always has to be like his big sister! ...) tried out the following products:

Perky Pineapple Lotion
Perky Pineapple Glitter Lotion
Groovy Gumball Body Wash
Cheeky Chocolate Cake Shampoo

They also offer these yummy, kid-friendly lipgloss flavors:
Butterscotch Bliss Lip Gloss
Pancakes and Syrup Lip Gloss

Prices of their products are affordable, starting at $6.99/bottle. The yummy lipgloss flavors are only $3.99/container.

On a hot, summer day, Little Diva tried out the Perky Pineapple Glitter Lotion for the very first time. It's 89% Organic. A little bit goes a long way. She loves bling, just like her mommy. This was perfect for her. She wore it running around the yard. It gave her just a little bit of sparkle for summer, but wasn't caked on like clown make-up! It made her arms and legs shine. Grandma even drove up and could see her glistening right away. It’s also phthalate free, paraben free, sulfate free, and pH balanced. It even stayed on, after she decided to go running through the sprinkler!

The kids also tried out the Groovy Gumball Bodywash and the Cheeky Chocolate Cake Shampoo during a few of their baths. The kids thought it was crazy fun! All I can say is ... YUM! The bathroom and their little bodies smelt sweet after they washed up. I wasn't sure if it would be weird to have your hair smell like chocolate cake, but it was wonderful. All the more reason to cuddle up with them and watch a movie after bathtime!

Some other reasons to shop:
- environmentally friendly packaging
- Kohana Girl is formulated especially for girls
- organic and natural ingredients
- products are phthalate free, paraben free, and sulfate free
- They “give back” to girls through their scholarship program
And, about that Scholarship Program:
Check out the Giving Back Section of their website (HERE).

At Kohana Girl, we want to encourage girls to have fun with learning, and to follow their passions. One way we choose to do this is by giving away scholarship money they can put toward pursuits that are meaningful to them. A portion of the proceeds from our products goes directly into a scholarship fund we’ve developed just for deserving Kohana Girls.

Whether a girl is interested in art, music, books, science, or nature, we want to offer her a chance to buy supplies or lessons—whatever she needs to pursue her goals. Four times each year, we will select one Kohana Girl to take home the winnings! All we ask is that the money is used for a meaningful pursuit—a worthwhile learning and/or growth experience.

To participate, all you have to do is write an essay about what you’re interested in, and what you would use the money for! In terms of length, you can write as much or as little as you like. You must have a parent or guardian sign the permission form that appears at the end of the Official Rules, and send it in with your essay.
Visit the Kohana Girl Blog (HERE).


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a Selection of
Kohana Girl Products


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