Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sun Prairie Resident Gets Wellness Makeover

One Sun Prairie mom is surpassing her fitness goals after going through a makeover this spring that focused on more than just appearances.Resident Karine Spencer spent three months working with a networking group of health and wellness professionals in Sun Prairie on fitness and overall wellness. She started the journey in March, and by May had improved her body composition by 7.1 percent, according to Jamie Adcock, running coach at Running Diva Mom and a member of Spencer’s wellness team.Spencer said she had talked about making a wellness change in her life for some time, but until she had the right push and accountability to others, she said she didn’t have the follow-through to make it stick.“So when Jamie approached me about it, that was the push I need,” she said.With her team, Spencer said she was able to explore different approaches and find what works for her. For example, she said she doesn’t’ love running but enjoyed the group dynamic at A&B Fitness Concepts’ weight loss group.“That worked for me, the camaraderie, because everyone has a common goal there,” she said. “They may have different ideas of how to get there and what helps them the most, but they’re all there to pull each other and push each other a little and share.”Spencer’s team of wellness professionals in Sun Prairie also included Storm Fitness and Noble Choice Chiropractic, LLC. And Spencer got a traditional makeover, too, from local businesses Lularoe Jessica Lobner, Hair Affection and before-and-after photography by Rachel Manzke Photography.But making a broad change required determination on Spencer’s part. Adcock said Spencer always showed up to sessions with a positive attitude, and asked questions and changed her plans to make herself successful.“It was remarkable watching her grow through running but also to watch her mindset change, her body transform and become stronger, her wardrobe evolve and her confidence soar,” Adcock said in an email. “Karine is truly one-of-a-kind and beautiful inside and out.”At the end of the wellness makeover, Spencer proved her progress by completing a 5K race. Spencer has now also completed 8K and 10K races, and will participate in a 10-mile race at the end of July. She said her ultimate goal is a half-marathon in October. For others who may be looking to make a lifestyle change, Adcock said it is important to start with small changes.“Making an overall lifestyle change can be intimidating,” she said in an email. “Start by tracking your nutrition every day for a week, or try walking around your block instead of running a mile.  Small changes yield big results.”Another important strategy for keeping on-track is simple: do something you enjoy.“If you are going to dread your fitness routine, you most likely aren’t going to continue with it,” Adcock said. “Discover what excites you, who motivates you and when you are most successful and have the most energy.”Adcock added the group will organize another wellness makeover in the fall, choosing another mom who is focused on making a change and able to commit to a 12-week program. You may read the full article from The Star.
Photos courtesy of Rachel Manzke Photography.

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