Friday, June 23, 2017

It's just another marathon ...

Every time I am scheduled to run another marathon, I feel like people think it's just another race or another day in the life of a running coach.  Truth is - I'm scared as $&*# and have a little anxiety.  I have hundreds of miles in this training cycle, but never really "train" for events anymore.  I'm always coaching and fitting in miles in here in there or back to back, that my official training has pretty much been non-existent. So this always sits in the back of my mind -- am I ready?
I've been nursing a sore right calf and shin.  Some days it annoys me more than others.  The good thing is that the longer I run and the faster I run ... the less it seems to hurt.  At least up until a certain point.  That leaves me with a little anxiety for tomorrow's race.  26.2 miles a really long way.  Even to me.
I've been doing good self-care this week.  Something that I really hope to continue.  I've been rolling out my legs a ton - and a ton beyond that.  I'm wearing compression socks the past two days.  And sneaking ice packs in them to reduce additional pain in my right leg.  I've been forgetting the flip flops for weeks and wearing running shoes when I can.  I also switched two a new pair about a week ago.
Then there comes the other pre-marathon obsessions and rituals.  Being careful to shave.  Trimming your toe nails just right.  Applying body glide and lotion everywhere.  Checking for pebbles in your shoes.  Making crazy packing lists that include every single thing that you wouldn't want to forget.  Do I need to pack the toaster for my English muffin?  Drinking water and sports drink like it's going out of style.  Thinking and rethinking what time you will need to wake up to get to the start line.  What if I over sleep?  Will I sleep at all?  Double and triple checking that all of your devices are well-charged.  Yeah, my watch died about half way through one of my marathons last fall.
But all of those things don't carry me through to the end.  It's me.  It's my belief in myself.  A positive attitude and energy.  It's me realizing that I've done it before.  And that I can do it again.  But most of all I will remind myself that I do this -- because I enjoy it.  It's a gift.  One that I will continue to unwrap and enjoy over and over again.  Even though I may not feel that way at about mile 22 tomorrow.

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