Thursday, June 22, 2017

Nathan Switchblade Belt Review

I'm not typically one for hydration belts.  I almost always run with my handheld water bottle.  But, occasionally I do find a waist belt handy - including when hiking with the kids. I don't usually like anything bulky or extra around my waist.  But, as I've been slimming down, I'm finding it easier to wear something around my waist.

I received Nathan's Switchblade 24 oz 2-Bottle Belt.  This style comes in four different colors and I received the fashionable Coral version.  The belt retails for $49.99.  This is a "one size fits most" belt and isn't available in different sizes.  It is very adjustable however.

Nathan offers many different styles of hydration belts, packs and bottles to fit all of your endurance training needs.  If you are looking for more or less for storage, size, water holding capabilities and different types of compartments, you will surely find an option that will work for you on their site.  If this style or size doesn't suit your training needs -- look around.

The bottles and pockets are movable throughout the belt and you can customize it to suit you.  The belt is great for training or for races and the expandable zipper pocket has tons of rooms for storage.  It's huge.  The pocket is also compatible with iPhone 7 Plus for storage.

The belt is pretty light wait as are the bottles.  I liked the no-slip grip (referred to as "sticky" for no-slip) of the bottles and it was easy to remove while hiking or on a run. The 24 oz bottles were a little larger than other bottles I've carried with me around my waist.  They were also really easy to sip from.

There was also a lot of comfortable padding on the belt to prevent rubbing or chaffing and it didn't bounce as much as some other belts I've used.  The belt didn't only include the large pocket, but there are also loops for external gel storage and even an awesome gel trash pocket.  Who knew?
Bottles are dishwasher safe and you are able to hand wash the belt.

The belt hasn't converted me from a handheld to a waist belt yet.  But I definitely liked it and having everything at my fingertips.

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