Thursday, July 28, 2016

22 Miles on a Saturday.

My alarm went off at 4:50 am yesterday morning. I eventually crawled out of bed at 5:00 when the coffee pot went off. After a quick breakfast, cup of coffee and pumping session I headed out the door shortly after 5:30. I was planning on 12-18 solo miles throughout town. The windows were all steamed up at home and I could barely see in front of me while I took my first steps outside. The humidity was through the roof.

I ended up logging 16 miles around town. I consistently paced myself at 10:50 miles. I stopped two times for gels and three times for more water. I drank four full water bottles.
I was slow. steady. smart and sweaty by the end of my run. At 8:30 it was already 81 degrees and 87% humidity. I was so sweaty that I could hear my feet and socks squishing with each step over my headphones. Yikes.

After an afternoon of family time walking around downtown Madison, my two loves opted for an afternoon nap. I opted to get in a few more miles outside after the thunderstorm passed through.

I ended up logging six more miles. I felt great as the temperature and the humidity had dropped. I was clocking faster miles than I had earlier in the morning.

Six more miles done.
Twenty two miles completed.
And an all time high of over 50,000 steps for the day.


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