Friday, July 1, 2016

Twenty things.

After some of my recent posts, you may notice that I am trying to redesign my life.  My family's life.  I'm trying to find balance.  I think that I finally have a pretty go grasp on that.  Since I have a "second chance on life" I'm trying to make this marriage the best that it can be.  I revisit our personally written vows in my head and want to make the life we envisioned, the life that we have.  After adding a third child, I'm trying to be the best version of myself, so that I can be a great mother to all three of my kids.  And a great wife.  I want to be true to myself.  Be a new, better version of myself, but the same ol' me, too.  I want to grow.  I want to learn  But I don't want to entirely change.  I'm trying to take the good with the bad.  Trying to fill our day with all the good stuff.  Trying to have open communication with each member of my family.  Schedule family meetings to discuss household responsibilities, chores, agendas and our diet. 

After finding great joy in moments recently, a smile was literally brought to my face.  While feeding my daughter her bottle on our front porch, my face felt warm and my heart felt full.  I started thinking about how saying NO to certain things have allowed me to say YES to other things that I wanted in my day.  Most of these things are small, brief moments during our day.  But they have made my day - and my life - that much fuller.

I challenge YOU to create a list of ten or twenty things that fill your heart.  Things you look forward to doing and that make you smile.  Write them in no particular order and revisit the list.  See how full your heart feels?  Then, add more of those things into your day.  You can thank me later.

Here is mine.
  1. Feeding Mini Diva her bottles on the front porch.
  2. Drinking my first cup of coffee while checking my email and listening to the radio with my husband.
  3. Getting up at 5:00 am to walk the dog at sunrise
  4. Running with Mini Diva in the jogging stroller
  5. Watching Little Diva pursue her passion with theater
  6. Playing Legos with Little Dude
  7. Family taco night - complete with sombreros
  8. Playing Scrabble and Scattegories with my husband
  9. Reading in bed with my husband
  10. Reading a book; then watching a movie
  11. Getting lost in a run with a few new songs on my ipod
  12. Blogging about my feelings
  13. Running with the dog at dusk
  14. Lists and crossing things off
  15. Being able to pick the kids up from school
  16. Planks
  17. New Moms on the Move class that I am leading
  18. Watching clients push themselves and answer their questions
  19. Visiting the library every week
  20. Making my bed in the morning; cleaning the kitchen counter at night

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