Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Birthday Miles

This morning, I set my alarm for 5 am to get my 36th year started on the right foot.  After looking out the window to very dark skies, I checked the forecast, which showed 80-90% chance of rain for the next couple of hours.  I could have gone back to bed, sat and had another cup of coffee and made fifty million other excuses.  But I didn't.  I decided to get myself up and out there as quick as I could and told myself that I would do one or two short loops around the neighborhood and would return home when the rain came. 
sporting the birthday girl Bondi Band
I headed out the door and ran into the sun to the east, with the dark, dark skies following behind me to the west.  As my watch struck an even 10 minute mile at the one mile marker, I looked behind me to see if traffic was behind me as I crossed the road.  I was stunned to see a beautiful full rainbow spread across the sky.  Just then my favorite Mumford and Sons song started whispering in my ear.  The rain started to sprinkle ever so slightly and it felt amazing in the humidity.  I kept peeking behind me to watch the beautiful rainbow span across the sky from one end of the city to the next.  Then, I realized that it connected my old neighborhood to my new neighborhood.  My two "lives".  The old and the new.  The old me and the new me.  I got chills.
Twelve years ago I was miserable, but didn't realize just how miserable I was until I was set free.  And found myself. I was unhappy with myself.  With my body.  I didn't exercise.  I was unhappy in a unsatisfying relationship.  With my partner.  With food.  I loved being a mother two one special little girl.  She was the light of my life.  But many other things in my life made me sad.  I had few close friends.  I was stuck in my little "bubble".  Scared to try something new.  Yet I craved more.
I discovered running eleven years ago and it set me on an entirely new path of life.  I broke free of what was holding me back.  I met new people that embraced my struggles and supported my goals.  I removed negativity from my life.  I learned what I needed out of a partner.  I have added two more little blessings to my life.  And have still been able to commit to myself as my family has grown.  I found passion.  And I shared it.  I have encountered struggles and conquered them.  I have set goals and achieved them. 
The true me was in there, she just had to grow, learn some things about life and find herself.  Believe in herself.
The old me would have looked at the forecast and gone back to bed this morning.  Heck, the old me wouldn't even have set her alarm or thought that she could run around the block.  Birthdays are for eating cupcakes!  (They still are! - but first we run!!)
Here's to 36 years of being me and learning about myself.  The last decade of learning and growing has been a humbling experience.  Here's to many, many more years of changing, thriving and creating the life that I want.
Whether I knew you a lifetime ago - or have met you through this blog, coaching, my kids, neighborhoods, or work - or you don't know me at all personally - THANK YOU for reading my words, encouraging me and motivating me to be the best version of me as I publicly write out my thoughts on Running Diva Mom.

Nine birthday miles (can't get much more consistent than that!)
Reached my 15,000 step goal by 7:00 am


  1. Happy Birthday! :) Such a empowering journey!