Thursday, July 28, 2016

Getting fit for running shoes.

It took me several years to find the RIGHT running shoe for me. I had been fit several times. I tried several brands and styles. I had tried tying my laces different ways. Experimented with inserts. But, the Saucony Ride has been my go-to running shoe for long distances for the past few years. I seem to be the most comfortable in this shoe. And they have the right amount of cushion and stability for my footstrike and the volume of miles that I log. I've been alternating two pairs of Ride's since I returned to running after pregnancy in January.
Shoes do expire. You should trade them in every 300-500 miles . And walking miles, count too. With a lot of miles on my agenda the next few months, my husband ordered me this pretty model to help log the miles - and keep me injury-free.

Make sure that you go in and get properly fit for running shoes when you get started. And if it has been awhile since you were fit for shoes, you recently had a change (weightloss, surgery, pregnancy, etc) or if you are having difficulty with your current kicks - go in and get fit at a running shoe store. They will watch you run and walk outside, around the store and/or on a treadmill. You aren't obligated to purchasing anything. But the professionals will select several different brands and styles that suit your footstike and your needs. I tell all of my clients to go get fit after our first running session.

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