Friday, July 1, 2016

Strawberry Festival 5K 2016 Race Report

Mini Diva and I attended Sun Prairie's Strawberry Festival two weeks ago, to run their 5K.  I had never ran a race with a jogging stroller.  But this little one is so incredibly well-behaved in the stroller, that I didn't think twice about it.  I also knew that the race would be rather a small crowd, so I knew it wouldn't be congested.  It was pretty warm, even for an early start.

I immediately ran into several current and former clients, including Carol, who was completing her first 5K.  It was nice seeing so many former clients that had continued with their running this summer.  I also ran into a friend, Dan, who I had met during a half marathon about six years ago.  I enjoyed catching up with him and finally meeting his family.

The event had both a 5K and a 10K route.  I knew that the 5K route would have a pretty decent sized hill half-way, as I had coached this route several times previously. 

Mini Diva sported her pretty strawberry jumper and matching shoes for the occasion.  She received several compliments on her adorable outfit, while she sat quietly in the jogging stroller.  I seriously never heard a peep out of her before, during or after the race.  She has the best personality and is so easy-going.  She loves sitting in the stroller and watching the scenery and runners go by.  I loved seeing her strawberry toes hanging out of the front of the stroller while I ran each step.
I really tried to pace myself with the stroller.  It's easy to push.  But I wasn't sure how tired I'd be later on.  I knew I would still be going at a faster clip than I'm use to.  My plan was to hold an even and steady pace.  And that's what we did.  Even with the two hills that we were forced to run up, we hung around a nine minute mile.  We didn't need to stop at the water stations, because I had my water on board the jogging stroller.  I do love the convenience of having all of my necessities at my finger tips.
It had been a really long time since I had ran a 5K outside of one of my groups.  It felt strange being done with a race in less than thirty minutes.  But I stopped my watch at 27 minutes and some change.  That time is no where near my personal previous 5K times.  But I really enjoyed running with my little one in the stroller and I feel like I'm getting my rhythm and my body back.  I'm sure that she and I will have many more running adventures this summer. 

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