Sunday, November 1, 2015

Laura and Cheryl are Marathoners

A year ago today, I met Laura at the Womens Running Retreat that I held in Madison, WI. A few months later, I received an email from her. She and her friend wanted to train for their first marathon in 2015. I met with Cheryl and Laura for coffee on Valentine's Day and we hit it off right away. Surrounded by kids, caffeine and lots of ideas - we discussed their goals for the year, including the marathon. I worked with them to develop a training program around their life, ...family (five kids between them), work and other activities and we put a plan in place. We ran together once a month and they followed the custom training program that I laid out for them; running most of the miles together at 5am before their families started their day. In early-October they both ran their first 26.2 mile victory lap together at Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee. And I was there to see it all. I was so very proud of all that they accomplished - not just the race; but all of those miles that they put in together this summer and fall. Ironically, exactly one year to the day that I first met Laura, the three of us met at a local coffee shop to discuss their race and how it's changed their lives. And in the same ol' Laura/Cheryl fashion - they put in many miles together at the crack of dawn before we met. I received this gorgeous custom RDM cuff bracelet and outfit for Little Diva #2 as a thank you.
But, Laura and Cheryl - I can't thank you enough for allowing me to share this journey with you this year. It has been amazing to work together towards a common goal and help you follow your dreams. I've enjoyed observing your amazing friendship and dedication. And, I am so grateful for our new friendship.

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