Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fabletics by Kate Hudson - Salar and Tuberose Running Capri Review

I was ecstatic to hear from Fabletics by Kate Hudson at the end of the summer.  I am contacted daily by companies wanting me to review their products on Running Diva Mom.  After years of testing out products and running gear, I really enjoy it, but can't always take companies up on their offer these days.  Either I am not interested in their products, their gear is not my style or I just am too backlogged on products to review.  At one point I was working with close to fifty companies at once.  With a lot on our plate this year, I've really tried to be selective with which companies I work with and make sure that the product and the timing is right.  
When Fabletics contacted me, I jumped on it.  I had been curious about their running gear.  I had noticed their advertisements and deals on Facebook, other blogs and on Pandora.  I hoped that if I selected a few pairs of running capris that they would be able to grow with me during the last part of my pregnancy.  And that I would be able to enjoy them post-partum.
Let me just say ... these bottoms are fabulous!  I love, love, love them!  I've struggled with a lot of running capris - even before I had a baby belly.  It was very difficult to find the right pair that stayed snug on my waist and didn't slide down.  I struggled with finding the right size ... Were they too small?  Did I purchase too large of a size? 
I ordered two pairs of Fabletics capris in my standard size medium and they fit perfect.  Even through pregnancy.
The first pair that I tried a few times is the Salar Capri (HERE).   These are a nice neutral capri that you can wear for working out or just on the go.  They are available in dozens of colors and fun patterns and soooo many sizes.  Sizes range from XXS to XXL.  I think that the range of sizes is absolutely amazing!!!  Seriously amazing.  You can't always find such a range of sizes in such high quality running gear and in such fun patterns, cuts and detailing.  These capris feature maximum compression, they are moisture-wicking and feature four-way stretch (heck yeah!), a pleasant mid-rise, 20 inch inseam, 88% polyester and 12% spandex.  They are chafe-resistant and I agree.  I can't wait to try them out on some of my longer runs next spring.  They have a hidden pocket for a key or nutrition. 

The comfort band is absolutely the best comfort I've found in running bottoms and my pants aren't moving anywhere.  No tugging or pulling while I walk or run.  The four-way stretch is the best thing ever. 

I also am adoring the Tuberose Capri (HERE).  These are FUN!  These are great for running or yoga.  I love the detail and can't wait to sport these when I'm a little smaller next year.  The black pair that I tried have unique lace detailing on the leg.  They also come in a black/grey combination (without the lace) and the fun, pink/black peak pattern.  These also come in sizes XXS to XXL.  These washed up great - no problems with the lace.  They are fitted through the leg and are slightly looser and the leg.  Fabletics says that they run true to size and I agree.  They are comfortable and not restrictive.  Mid rise.  21 inch inseam.  88% polyester.  Sweat-wicking (great for running or  hot yoga!), all-way stretch, UPF 50+, smooth/soft fabric, internal waistband pocket.  These are also chafe-resistant for your long runs.  The lace didn't annoy me while I ran.  I really would like to get these in the pink/black combination to go with some of my hot pink running tops.  The black pair with lace detail is perfect for running around town in an oversized sweatshirt and messy bun.  Little Diva adored them and wants a pair, too!

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