Tuesday, November 3, 2015

32 week Check Up

I had my 32 week check up today and was surprised when the doctor said that my baby girl has gained a pound over the past two weeks, but the scale said I lost about two pounds.  She said baby is "big" but is measuring ok, since I'm monitoring blood sugar levels four times daily and still being super active.  I attribute all of my activity to the amazing fall weather we have had recently.  And a little self-motivation and determination.  And encouragement from my supportive husband.
I gained about 48 lbs with my second pregnancy and close to that with my first.  My goal for #3 was to stay at or under 30 lbs.  With the recent weight loss, I am now up 21 lbs. 
My doctor was super enthusiastic at my appointment and kept telling me how proud she was of me.  She told me to head out and enjoy the  gorgeous afternoon with a run.  Little did she know that I already got four miles in this morning ...
32 weeks - up 21 lbs

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