Tuesday, November 17, 2015

34 Weeks ... and counting down!

Well, the countdown is on.  I'm getting eager to meet our little girl!  With each day that passes, things get a little more real.  However, like with my other two, I don't think it will really hit me until I see her face and she's in my arms.  34 weeks and 6 or less weeks to go. 
We've been busy getting things done around the house.  Both of us are nesting!  Hubby assembled the stroller and put the pack and play together in our bedroom.  He also installed the car seats in our vehicles this past weekend.  Those are the only new pieces we requested, other than a booster high chair.  Everything else has been purchased second hand at garage sales or are being borrowed from friends and family.  I'm really trying to be realistic and simplify with this one.  After the other two, I realize just how little they use that stuff and how much time and money goes into it.
 Hubby painted a second-hand crib from friends and we finished the nursery a couple of months ago.  I let him pick out the bedding, which he found online.  Neither of us really wanted to go with cutesy animal themes and I'm really happy with what he picked out.  The kids painted canvases that matched the nursery and I purchased a few decorative items off of Etsy and at places like Hobby Lobby and Marshall's.  We also purchased a glider second hand.
Hospital bags have been packed for awhile now.  The breast pump and supplies have been purchased.  Bottles have been washed.  The drawers have been filled with burp cloths and bibs.  I washed four loads of second-hand clothing that I purchased at garage sales and thrift stores over the summer.  We are ready for whatever life throws at us.  The rest of the furniture was reused from other areas of our house.
I've still been feeling great.  Other than a five week cold/cough, I've generally been feeling much better than my other pregnancies.  I've had a lot of energy.  I've still been running (inconsistently) through the past month throughout this darn sickness.   I just wish it would go away.
After Sunday's walk/run escapade of fifteen miles throughout the day, my legs were restless at night, I couldn't sleep and it literally felt like I had ran a marathon that day.  All of the same aches and pains and restlessness.  Except I had this big belly controlling how I could contort my body in bed with three different pillows to fall asleep comfortably.  I could hardly walk the next day.  I had so much lower back and ligament pain, that I could barely get to my bus stop yesterday afternoon.  Not sure if I should hang up my running shoes until six weeks postpartum, if I should just be happy with a couple of miles here and there, or if I should just enjoy some time walking on the treadmill.  Colder weather is now unfortunately upon us.  We will see what the next few weeks bring us.


  1. Oh goodness! Not much longer now!! Who knows, you may have her before Christmas!
    And girl, by the time I got around to my 3rd and 4th babies, pretty much everything was second hand! ( it really is more economical!)
    Your babys nursery is beautiful and I know y'all can't wait to meet this sweet baby!! I do hope you can continue running all the way up until d day but do listen to your body and rest when you feel like you have to, walk when you can.
    : )
    You got this chica!!!!