Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Four Miles with my Four-Legged Friend

I have been hesitant about taking the dog out too much with me on my solo runs lately.  He has A LOT of pull and loves to run and I'm just worried he's going to take me down.  But, today was so beautiful out - perfect morning for a run.  And he gave me that guilty puppy dog face when I put on my running shoes.
We headed out for a few miles around the neighborhood and he did amazing.  I kept him on a short leash near me and he ran right along side me.  Didn't pull after the first .25 mile.  And mama enjoyed all of his pee breaks along the way.  It gave my calves and my bouncing bladder some time to rest.
We ran the first three miles around the neighborhood, met a woman with three other huskies, and stopped home for a potty/water break, then headed back out for a final mile.
I love my crazy, furry running buddy.  He's always so happy after he's gone for a run ... just like his mommy.

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