Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sweetness Sunday ... New Kicks, Free Race Entry, Cupcakes

For the past year, I have been rotating five or six pairs of running shoes ... including these fabulous, orange Karhu's (HERE), that I reviewed last year (HERE). I wore them at yesterday's half marathon, and shouldn't have. These bad boys are waaaaaaay past their alloted mileage. Don't follow my lead on this one .....

Every January, a local running store, Endurance House (HERE), hosts a huge sale. It's their Great Race Giveaway ... for every $150 you spend, you get free or discounted race entries. This is how I signed up for the Haunted Hustle Marathon last year. As of this afternoon, I am committed again this year ... just like that!!! That is the second of three full marathons I'm going to commit to this year ... yikes!

There were a lot of people in the store this afternoon (the third day of the annual sale) ... many people were there to stock up on running shoes. People were being professionally fitted, running on the treadmill, watching their strids on the video, checkout lines were long, race registration forms ran out and were being copied, there wasn't enough staff on hand, they were running low on my size 10s in most stability shoes. But, the kids were entertained in the play area by the fire place and I was surrounded by beautiful running shoes and like-minded people ... so I was all good.

Since they were out of my size in my usual Brooks Adrenalines, I tried on a few different brands and styles of stability shoes. I ended up with two pairs that were quite comfy and not too bad to look at either.

Saucony Progrid Guide (top)
Karhu Strong2 FulcrumRide (bottom)

A bag full of running shoes, the day after a fantastic indoor half marathon ... in the middle of winter in Wisconsin. Anything to keep you motivated through the wind, freezing temperatures and snow, right?!?!!?

While we were making the trek across town, Little Dude and Little Diva joined me at some of our favorite local hot spots on that side of town. We used some gift cards and Groupons, that made our afternoon of discounts just that much sweeter! Lunch was at the Sonic Drive-In and dessert followed at GiGi's cupcakes. Two days of cupcakes in a row!! ... it looks like I'm going to have to put in some extra miles tomorrow ......


  1. Awesome! I wish our running stores did that...what a sweet deal! I too am a 10 (though I'm a D width...wide and almost flat feet...ugh!) and haven't ventured outside of my proven New Balance 850s and 940s with a pretty substantial stability bio soft insole. So... I consider you the expert...based on that info alone, do you think the Brooks Adrenaline might work for me? I've always wanted to try them...guess that's what I should do...just get some and give it a go?!?!

    Anyway, looks like you had a super fun day yesterday...I'm envious of your snow...it was in the mid-70s at 6 pm last night when I went out for my run - I was one hot mess...yucky! Enjoy those cool temps :)

  2. I'm in the market for new trainers as well, mine have started to give me blisters and they have NEVER done that :-(
    Loving dessert, looks scrummy.

  3. That is an awesome deal!! I'm going to have to look up this Enderance House and see if there are any in NC. I am definetly in need of some new trainers. Glad to hear everything went well with your half over the weekend. :)

  4. What a cool sale! I have wanted to go get fitted for some good shoes. I have a pair I bought like 13 years ago that I love, but probably should be retired. We have been through so much and traveled to different countries together!

  5. THAT is a sweet offer from a running store!! And I love your cute pink winter hat!Adorable!

  6. Sounds like fun, shoe shopping is always good.

  7. Love the blue and yellow pair. Boy you go through a lot to get discounted entries!

    And you were tagged...