Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012 Great Lakes Multisport Expo Review

Today, my friend and I ventured to the Milwaukee-area to the 2012 Great Lakes Multisport Expo (HERE). I had attended the expo the past two years (once in the State Fair Park grounds and the other at it's current location in Franklin). My friend and I had a tough time finding the expo location, just like I did last year. When we got to the expo around lunchtime, the parking lot looked pretty much cleared out. Once we got inside and paid for the $10 wristbands, the expo was pretty dead. He and I were kind of puzzled by how we were goin to make our $10 admission worth or money, time and effort. There weren't many people wandering the aisles and the exhibitors looked bored (texting and chit-chatting). Still, it was nice to be surrounded by like-minded people and go on a little road trip during the Wisconsin winter. I'm glad we went, despite the lack of booths, shopping and empty walkways. They even closed up early!!

We did end up visiting the Revolution Running and Walking Center (HERE) booth twice. Kyle is a certified pedorthist and new a ton about natural and barefoot running. We could have talked to him forever ... and he eventually convinced us to try on some Vibrams. I was shocked by how comfortable they were to walk and run in. I may need to pick up a pair sometime soon, just like my buddy did. I will definitely be stopping by to visit Kyle and Rovolution's store next time I'm in the Wauwatosa area. He was extremely knowledgeable and made me think about my stride, my posture and got me excited about making some changes.

There were a lot of race exhibitors, most were races I've already done in the past or am currently signed up for. But we did find out about a new 5K series in the Madison area, which I'm excited to take part in this year.

There were absolutely no booths geared towards female runners. From attending other expos (large or small), I see how those women storm booths for female running apparel and sort through bins and bins of Bondi Bands. Nothing! We chicks like to shop ... they definitely need to expand their list of exhibitors next year. Or I worry the event will be cancelled entirely.

The expo got my juices flowing and my brainstorming sessions started as soon as we got back in the car. I am so excited to see what 2012 is going to bring my way ... or should I say, what I'm going to make happen! Even though the expo was sparse and I didn't purchase a single thing ... I'm glad that we went, because I got exactly what I wanted from it ... to network and get some ideas going on what I can do with RDM and for my clients in the future.

After the expo, we detoured off the interstate to Cafe Hollander in Wauwatosa (HERE). The cute little community was an adorable cycling and running-friendly community. I loved it. This theme continued inside of the restaurant. We sat in a spot next to the river and had a nice view. We were surrounded by signs, posters and paintings of cyclists and people being active. It was a perfect fit for us and our lifestyle. I indulged in an avocado chicken wrap and some delicious sweet potato fries -- yum!

I can't wait to try out their other locations next time I'm in the area. On the way in the door we saw this advertisement for Diva Night and had a great chuckle. On the way out, I must've made quite the impression with a guy at the bar because he said they'd see me back for Diva Night ... so I posed for a cheesy picture; what I do best.


  1. Sounds like a worthwhile trip even if you didn't buy anything.

  2. ooh what is the new 5k series in Madison about? Exciting!