Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Traditions Continued

Two years ago, I decided to try some new family traditions with Little Dude and Little Diva. We started with the typical advent calendar, bought a cookie plate for Santa and I selected Santa hats for each of us, to suit each of our personalities.

I also decided that I wanted the kids to give to others during the holiday season. At the time, they were just old enough to understand the concept of helping others in need (almost 2 and 6 yrs) and how the smallest things can make the biggest difference in the lives of a stranger.

I've had some friends participate in Toys for Tots or other charities with their children. But, I wanted it to be a family outing, and a social event for the kids as well. I chose to ring bells for the Salvation Army. I selected a two hour shift on a Friday evening at our local grocery store.

Little Dude turned out to be a handful that first year and enjoyed messing with the automatic doors to grocery store entrance and throwing the bells instead of ringing them. He lasted the first hour with us and spent the second hour watching a movie in the Marathon Mommy Minivan with his father! But, it's ended up being a tradition that Little Diva and I have kept and something that just the two of us share together every holiday season. She reads the facts on the Salvation Army kettle and asks questions about what will be done with the money raised.

We put out a Facebook call to family and friends; then wear our pink Santa hats, she sings Christmas carols and we ring bells for two hours on a Friday night. She also enjoys handing out holiday treats to children and classmates. This year she raised approximately $150 for the Salvation Army.




What holiday traditions do
you do with your family?

Do you incorporate
your active lifestyle

in family traditons??


  1. Every year the kids and I make LOADS of cookies, make plates, wrap them, address them and deliver them to 25+ neighbors. My kids deliver them, tell the neighbor Merry Christmas and just how thankful they are that they are our neighbors. Typically they visit for a little bit and then off to the next neighbor we go. I feel like it is a good lesson for my kids to express their appreciation and to give gifts that are homemade. Love the salvation army idea!

  2. I love that idea and may steal it next year! My little man is 5 and we just started trying to really get him to understand what the season is about... we adopted a family this year and sent cards to wounded troops.


  3. What a great tradition! Congratulations on teaching the kids how important giving back is!