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Dustin Maher Fitness "Fit Moms for Life" Book Review & Giveaway

If you live in the Madison, Wisconsin area, you may have seen the studly Dustin Maher on local news broadcasts talking about how he works with local moms to keep them fit. Or, maybe you've been lucky enough to attend one of his MamaTone classes in the area. I've heard about his classes and DVDs from several friends over the last couple of years and everyone is raving about their experience. Local moms have loved seeing the transformations their bodies have taken from his programs .... and I think they secretly also like the eye candy that's instructing them. It's no wonder Dustin has such a following on his site and his Facebook page!!

Well, I was contact by Dustin Maher Fitness (HERE) recently, to alert me that Dustin would be coming out with his new book, Fit Moms for Life (HERE) in early-December .... just in time for holiday gift-giving and motivation for those New Year's resolutions, ladies!! Learn "how to have endless energy to outplay your kids"!!

The Fit Moms for Life book is a great resource for someone that already partakes in an active and healthy lifestyle, or also someone that is looking to get started with some New Year's resolutions. I, myself, learned a lot of great trips for a total body workout and resistance training, since I tend to do a lot of cardio in my training and have been wanting to branch out to target all areas of my body. It also gave me great tips on eating healthier. And the before and after photos and success stories were super motivational and just what I needed right now to get through the holidays. I've been eating a lot of things that I normally don't touch, due to time constraints and cash funds .... this book reminded me that by planning and quick preparation ... that eating healthy is possible and doesn't have to be costly.

The book is divided into several sections that target different ways to make this a LIFESTYLE change andn not a temporary one. Dustin discusses your mindset and how important it is to make the changes you are making PERMANENT. He also discusses how changing your environment to be "friendly" to an active and healthy lifestyle will only make you more successful. Surround yourself with things ... foods ... and people ... that will motivate you. The book also includes lots of great, easy recipes for moms-on-the-go with limited time on their hands and he discusses what you should eat and drink to keep your body satisfied for your workouts. Dustin also provides a lot of non-cardio workouts and restistance training routines that will get your entire body moving and toned ... something that I really am excited to try out when I'm not running so much this winter. The last section of the book is about giving back (which I really enjoyed). Dustin discusses how you can encourage other women and mothers to partake in the same lifestyle changes you are making.

My favorite parts of the book were the success stories and the before and after photos. They even included a local news anchor's success story (above) and how she transformed her body. The stories varied from all ages, lifestyles, career women, stay-at-home moms. Some lost a few pounds, some lost many pounds ... but all are now Fit Moms for Life!!! ...

About Dustin Maher (HERE):

My name is Dustin Maher and I am a fitness professional living in Madison, WI. I am 28 years old and absolutely love my job as a personal trainer/fitness instructor/writer/motivational speaker/and teacher. I love helping everyone I come in contact with get in better shape. I especially enjoy helping moms to look even better than before having kids.

The first question I get asked a lot is, why a 28 year old single guy loves working with moms. Well the answer to that question goes back many years to when my mom raised my 3 younger siblings and me, along with my dad. She was a stay-at-home mom and did so much for her 4 children. Looking back, I realized that she spent so much time taking care of her kids that she didn’t take time for herself. I also realized that she didn’t have a good support group of other mothers who were motivated to get in shape and lose the baby fat. I was very blessed to have a mom that was health conscious and cooked very healthy. I learned a lot from her as she taught me what it meant to eat well. I have also realized that when I can help a mom change the foods that she buys for her family and begins to exercise, her kids want to do what she is doing! So not only do I get to help the mother out, but I get to help out the kids and maybe the husband (once in awhile) out as well.

When I graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Kinesiology Exercise Science, I immediately knew what I wanted to do! I created a class called MamaTone Fitness. The mission for MamaTone was to help moms realize that it was important to take care of there physical bodies, and that they could still achieve a great body after kids. The second part of the mission was to connect mothers with each other so they could share life’s experiences with one another.

From MamaTone came Fit Fun Bootcamps, which in 3 years has grown to 10 locations and one of the largest bootcamp programs in the country. Out of the success of the bootcamps, came calls and emails from around the world asking me to train them. So from that, came my 28 DVDs which include: 12 month Fit Moms For Life DVDs, Got Core, Buns Guns Back and Shoulders, Ultimate Buddy Bootcamp, and BabyTone.


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