Monday, March 22, 2010

This Blows my Mind .... Small Bloggy World

I got a surprise email this morning from someone that stumbled across my blog and my Disney Princess Half Marathon Race Report. Elik emailed me and said that we had a brief conversation that cold, early morning. Apparently, he was one of the very few men running the race and he was the one that encouraged me and my family to huddle up with him and some others next to the warm generator that was blowing warm air that frigid morning. He knew it was me, because we muttered (with our chattering teeth), "Eh, this is nothing -- we're from Wisconsin." What a small world??!!

Anyhow, the nice dude also emailed me my race photos -- how cool is that??!! I was ecstatic!

Start Line outside of Epcot at 6:00 AM

Start of Race

Still had my gel packet in hand;
I must have been on my way to the Magic Kingdom
Looking focused and heading towards that pretty castle.
Exiting Cinderella's Castle (around mile 6), one of my favorite moments although I look like I'm struggling; I believe I was mostly struggling to hold the tears back and not make a fool of myself.
And, I really love how the Running Skirts fit, but the nutrition in my pocket really does make for some unflattering bulges, to say the least!!
Heading down the highway from Magic Kingdom to Epcot (I believe mile 10?)
Trying to muster a wave to the photographer.

Heading from the Epcot Globe to the World Showcase turnaround.
Feeling happy that this thing is almost over (about mile 12.5)
Heading to the finish line and trying to speed up to reach it;
seeing Mickey and Minnie straight ahead
D-O-N-E with my Magical Journey
Official Finisher's Photo
w/ my bling in hand

All of the gorgeous medals
Blingy Medal of Accomplishment


  1. That was so nice of him to send all those pictures!

  2. Wow that was REALLY nice of him to send u the pics! $$$. There are some fun ones.

  3. Yea! Love all the pictures

  4. Awesome pics! Your finisher photo is really good.

  5. Love the pictures!! Congratulations again.

  6. Great pics! I'm still so excited for you! What a great experience. :)

  7. Great photos! I love race reports and what a cool medal :)

  8. Great pictures. How nice!

  9. Great pics!! You looked amazing out there. And how nice of him to send you these. :)

  10. I really want to run that race just to get the medal! Honestly I hate running, but for a princess metal I may just start working towards that next year! Your pictures look fabulous!

  11. I love how well you rock the running skirt!! Those are some great pics

  12. Great pictures! Isn't the blogosphere great - you meet so many awesome people!