Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Disney's Royal Family Kids Race Report

Since I was competing in the half marathon, Little Diva agreed to let me sign her up for the Royal Family Kids Race on Saturday, March 6, 2010 (the day before my race). Registration was only $10 + fees and the kids received an awesome medal, t-shirt and goody bag.

She picked up her goody bag and bib number at the race expo, when I picked up my things on Friday morning. The kids each had their own bib number with their first name on it.
There was only one bathroom with about a half dozen stalls at the start line (didn't see any port-o-potties. The line was long just before race time, because so many little ones had to go! Strollers weren't allowed in the track complex, so they needed to be left outside, which was kind of a pain, but understood.

Little Diva wore her race t-shirt and the adorable cheetah skirt from Running Skirts (it matched the one I wore at my race). I really am thankful that they let us try these out. They are so adorable and comfortable. Little Diva looked adorable with the skirt and her official Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend Tiara (purchased for $10 at the expo).
The one mile race started at 10:00 AM and then the other shorter distances followed in waves on the track at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. There was something for everyone!!

The distances included:
1 mile - 13 yrs and under
400 meter - 7 & 8 yrs
200 meter - 4-6 yrs
100 meter - 1-3 yrs
Diaper Dash - under 12 months

Little Diva was in the third group to start and their were so many waves in each group. I don't think she started her short 200m dash around the track until 10:30-10:45! It took quite awhile. Little Diva mingled with other girls at the start line and Little Dude played in the "sand box" with the other little brothers and sisters which were for the long jumpers, etc.!

Afterwards, kids received refreshments and snacks and they had professional photographers taking finishers photos of the kids with their medals. Very cute!

She enjoyed the experience, but for the 1-2 mins that it took her to run, it did take a whole morning out of our itinerary to get to the sports complex and wait around. It was a great experience to get the kids involved in our lifestyle and experience something at Disney that most don't get to see or do.
Of course, the transportation was only from special resorts to the sports complex and getting to a Disney park was close to impossible when we left. You either had to go to Hollywood Studios and catch a bus to another resort or go to one of the "host" resorts and catch a bus to Epcot, Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom. We did just that.


  1. Even though it took a while I am sure she will remember how you shared that time with her. Give her my congrats on a race race!

  2. How fun for her! I love her little running skirt, super cute!
    I am a huge fan of events that are geared towards kids! We are involved in a youth track program every summer and I am just filled with pride to see my kids running too!
    Great pics, thanks for sharing this!

  3. Yay, she did it. Adorable pics. Love the matching skirts! Makes me chuckle thinking about whats on its way to you in the mail..tehehe

  4. They really made it special for the young runners personalized bib, grown up medals- how cool is that! She is going to remember this experience for years to come! Tell her congratulations for me!

  5. I love it that there's an event geared for little kids. It is a great way to start them on a healthy, active lifestyle!
    My dad (he was in the army) took me running with him on a few occasions around the neighborhood. I love it and still remember our runs. I am sure your little Diva will remember it for years to come. Tell her "Great job! and Congrats!"

  6. She looks ever so cute and sweet. It is too bad it took so long and they make it complicated! Love the running skirt on her.

  7. Cute! I'm sure she'll remember her race for a long time. Love the tiara and skirt. Tell her congrats!

  8. Thanks for this race report. I feel as if I was there too!

  9. That's awesome. So glad that your daughter got to try this, it sounds like she had a good time. And the skirt is adorable!

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