Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Miles for March

Well, Spring has sprung. April will be here tomorrow!! The temps are in the 70's today .... crazy!! And, I've finally been able to get outside for some of my runs (I'm a wimp!).

We visited Orlando this month and I took a few days off while we were there, but also got in a 4 mile run around the resort and then my half marathon. I had hoped to run more while we were on vacation, but Disney is an exhausting place and we are just go-go-go. But, I figure we walked 6-10 miles a day around the parks each day. Way to work off those Mickey ice cream bars, huh?!

I transitioned from half marathon training to Marathon training this month. My longest run this month was 18 miles. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the amount of miles I got in during the month of March.

March: 115.9
February: 116.7
January: 132.5

Total miles for 2010: 365.1

Total rest days in March: 11 days (5 at home, 6 on vacation at Disney World).


  1. Nice miles, esp considering your days off!

  2. I love to see stats . . . and I love to record them too. I enjoy the satisfaction of coloring in my square for each mile I run :).

    Great job on all of your miles this month! I just tallied mine up for March and I got to 107!

  3. Go girl! Gettin those miles in ;-)

  4. Wow...there's no stopping you, on to a marathon now, huh?!? Exciting!! :)

  5. Way to go! I think keeping track is great. I'm so glad you had a great time at Disney. I love it there. It is on my list of places I want to do a marathon!

  6. Wow! Impressive mileage...keep up the great work.

  7. Thanks for following my blog, and I am all about seeing what your up to.

    Wow I love all the product reviews thanks! I just did a story on some running shoes, are you using a favorite?

    Those bands for the head you use I will check out for sure thanks for all the tips!

    New Fan!
    Teresa aka Trainer T. Fitness

  8. Jamie,
    Sorry forgot to ask you about the bands, would they fit around the waist?

    Thank you, 115 miles very IMPRESSIVE!

  9. great stats! thats awesome!

  10. Awesome number for March and for the year! Great job - keep going!