Monday, March 22, 2010

Lift Your Sole Jewelry Product Review

I love nothing better than when two of my passions (in this instance: running and fashion) collide. Lift Your Sole offers some awesome, unique pieces. You can check them out here.

Jill maintains her business out of Atlanta, Georgia and has so many neat pieces available on her website -- from running, triathlon, walking, yoga -- including marathon, half-marathon and mommy-specific pieces.

I instantly fell in love with this gorgeous cuff they sent me. It arrived in this great mesh bag, which made opening up the package even more fun.

The cuff is light and great to wear with casual wear on the weekends when I'm bumming around town in one of my marathon mommy t-shirts or to work with something more dressy. The message, "A fit woman is a powerful woman" is so inspiring to me.

The cuff has held up well and is super light and comfortable. I hate nothing more than typing with a bangle bumping up and down on the keyboard. It has held up well. Sometimes, I notice wear on my silver bracelets after a few wears (I must have extremely acidic skin or something?), but this thing has held up nicely!

There are so many pieces that call out to me on the website. I simply couldn't choose what to review. Don't you think?!

When I visited the Disney Princess Half Marathon Expo recently, Lift Your Sole had a booth their and I enjoyed browsing (more than enjoyed!). I was surprised to see some really cool (totally me!) items there, that I didn't know they offered ... animal print 13.1 and 26.2 travel mugs, magnets, keychains and these really cute purses. Check out the cool purses here.
You will have the chance to win this beautiful MARATHON MOM NECKLACE this weekend, in my upcoming HUGE giveaway .... stay tuned ....

They also offer really neat running apparel. I really want to snag this Marathon Mom T-Shirt here

Front: "Motherhood. The Ultimate Endurance Sport."
Back: "Marathon Mom. Being a Mom is Like Running a Marathon Everyday."
The thing that I REALLY liked about Lift Your Sole and their products is that everything is AFFORDABLE!! We all spend so much on running shoes, technical wear and nutrition for our training, that it is really nice to find something fun and affordable to express our love for the sport ... and look cute doing it!
Stay tuned ... and become a FOLLOWER ... for the HUGE GIVEAWAY!!!


  1. I absolutely LOVE LIft Your Sole! My hubby got me a necklace from there for Christmas. I have worn it every single day! It means so much to me. It has 3 charms...the runner girl, a disc that says "run" and a heart. He chose the heart because he said I show heart in all my running. Awww. Anyway, I love LYS and can't wait for a give away!!! WooT!

  2. Lift Your Sole products look great!!! Enjoy your cuff.

  3. I love her stuff!!! I like the cuff.

  4. Love the cuff. Very cool stuff.