Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mommy's Goals for 2010

Along with everyone else, I am goal-setting for 2010.

Be more patient with the kids ... L-I-S-T-E-N to them
Schedule one date each month with my husband
Schedule one date each month with my daughter
Schedule a "me day" once a month
Inspire someone
Revisit Weight Watchers Meetings (I am a lifetime member and at my original goal weight)
Lose 10 lbs by Disney Half Marathon in March
Set new 5K PR (sub 24:46)
Set new half marathon PR (sub 1:55:59)
Set new marathon PR (sub 4:37:23)
Run 1,400 miles
Run 2 full marathons
Run 3 half marathons
Start an ab and strength training routine
Try an aerobics class at my YMCA
Cut debt in half
Double amount in savings acount


  1. Awesome goals! Makes me want to get organized and think of some of my own. :)

  2. Great goals you have set for 2010 :)

    I particularly like the Inspire someone!

    That is an awesome goal.

    Good luck and have fun. I look forward to following your journey.

  3. Holy moly, those are great and inspiring goals! You go girl... er Mom!