Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mom Agenda's -- Daily Planners for 2010

I have already purchased my 2010 daily planner (yes, I still keep a paper calendar!). But, I wish I would've come across the "Mom Agenda", before I placed my order. All I can say, is OMG!!!

Visit momAgenda at http://www.momagenda.com/. They have a lot of good deals and promotions running right now!!!

They offer Mom Agenda's in so many fun, bright and vibrant colors and so many different sizes, too. You can also personalize and emboss your agenda -- who doesn't love personalization?? Personalization appears to be less than $5.00 per item.

The Mom Agenda "Desktop" week-at-a-glance format allows mom to keep her schedule and the schedule of up to four children.
The mom Essentials pamphlet is included and can be removed to use from year-to-year! I love this concept. I really hate having to grow through the previous year's planner and re-record all of the important information: phone numbers, birthdays, important dates, websites/passwords, etc. It also features a medical history section for your entire family.

There is also a section that features usesful mom-friendly websites. You will find a lot of good resources here.

I also love the party planning pages, which help you stay organized with when/where the event is and what you're bringing and other important reminders.

Are you currently goal-setting for 2010??? You can download mom Agenda printables here. Write down all sorts of goals for 2010 in their awesome printables. They also feature printables for school shopping, holiday shopping, holiday cards sent/received, expense tracking and more!!!

Check out the accessories section for some other really neat mom-must-haves!! Grocery list makers, fancy clipboards and notepads. I love the little "love notes" that you can use for writing notes to your kids in their lunches or leave hubby a note on his car in the morning.


  1. Wow- that is great! I already have more calendars than I need for next year, but its very tempting. :)

  2. I have that planner! It's the best one around! Totally keeps me uber-organized!