Friday, February 3, 2017

Weekly Workout and Meal Planning Worksheet

Planning is the number one key component to setting yourself up for success with diet and exercise.  If a healthy diet and routine exercise are not a part of your daily lifestyle, planning ahead will help make sure that happens.

I have developed this weekly worksheet to help set you up for success.  Look at your family's schedule for the week and plan when you can fit in your workouts (and rest days!) each day.  Maybe you will get up early one day to workout before work.  Perhaps you will take a walk over your lunch hour one day, because your family is busy with rehearsals and practice.  And maybe you will spend a Sunday afternoon completing a long run after doing your grocery shopping and meal planning in the morning.  Write down where you will be working out as well, if that helps you visualize your workouts.  Whatever your plan is - write it down and have a plan.

Also glance at your busy plan for the week and see where you can prepare healthy meals for the family, which nights will be grab-and-go or leftovers and which nights your family can plan to eat out.  Having a plan with your meals will help you stay on track, save money on groceries and eating out, save calories and help you consume leftovers.

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